Three QSR franchisees adopt ‘EcoView Commercial’ smart energy and resource management system

April 28, 2009 |

Advanced Telemetry, developer of the EcoView Commercial smart energy and resource management system, announced the sale and deployment of its solution to three industry-leading, global Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) brand franchisees: RIO Management, a Portland, Oregon-based multi-location Burger King operator; AIP Ventures, a Seattle, Washington-based multi-location Taco Bell operator; and FX4, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based multi-location Arby’s operator. All three customers will install the EcoView Commercial system in multiple stores throughout their respective territories, enabling both local staff and remote Advanced Telemetry account specialists to easily view, control and decrease energy and resource usage in real time and, in kind, reduce utility bills by as much as 20% and realize returns on investment in as little as 6 months. All three groups have opted to outsource much of the system management to account specialists at Advanced Telemetry’s Network Operations Center.

"As economic pressures grow, energy costs rise, profit margins shrink, and the need for environmental responsibility escalates, businesses are in desperate need of a properly managed end-to-end solution that delivers on its promise,” notes Gus Ezcurra, CEO of Advanced Telemetry. “While other energy management systems on the market are largely designed for small residential or larger business facilities, aren’t networked, and require active system monitoring and management by on-site personnel, EcoView Commercial addresses the unique needs of small commercial owners and tenants with a fully remotely managed, cost-effective solution.”

“With our technology, value proposition metrics and business model now proven, demand for EcoView Commercial has surged,” Ezcurra continues. “Early adopters include quick service and casual restaurants among other types of facility-based franchises, such as convenience stores. The recent Burger King, Taco Bell and Arby’s franchisee sales reflect a huge vote of confidence for the system from knowledgeable and discriminating industry practitioners and we’re thrilled to have them all on board.”

“Through extensive field testing, we determined EcoView Commercial was right for us because it’s a low cost, simple-to-install solution with a robust feature set and remote monitoring capability,” said Dave Cutter, co-owner of RIO Management. ““Since the system was activated in September 2008, we’ve realized a 13% reduction in energy usage at one restaurant and a 25% reduction in another – results so good were installing EcoView in all of our Burger King restaurants. Even beyond the resource and related expense reductions, we’re also pleased to be lowering the environmental impact of our operations.” 


How EcoView Commercial Works

EcoView Commercial monitors, in real-time, a location’s entire electrical load and extracts the majority of customer savings through the largest, discretionary source of demand – the climate control system (HVAC). Because the system acts on the climate control system as a whole, customers can monitor and manage both electricity and natural gas consumption. With additional sensors for water consumption and virtually any other energy consuming device, EcoView Commercial operates as an easily customizable, all-in-one tool for identifying sources of resource waste at any given time.

EcoView Commercial also removes the burden of local “policing” of a building’s climate control system and centralizes it within an online application that is managed by an account specialist at Advanced Telemetry’s Network Operations Center. Upon installation, the assigned account specialist institutes a set of customized climate-related best practices encompassing everything from set points to schedules to heating and cooling limits. The account specialist updates these items continuously throughout the year in an effort to maximize the customer’s savings.

A wall-mounted graphical touch panel—the “brain” of the system”—receives consumption data in real time from a metering device installed at the breaker panel where the electricity mains enter the building. This consumption data is relayed in real time from the touch panel over a broadband connection to the account specialist, who can immediately identify and investigate anomalies in consumption much sooner than ever before. Often spikes in electricity usage are indicative of failures within climate control mechanicals that, if left unaddressed, can lead to increased expenses associated not only with consumption but also repair.

EcoView Commercial also provides an online interface where customers can view real time consumption data and thermostat-related settings across all of their locations from any Web-enabled device. Customers can analyze temperature set-points and settings, schedules, electricity consumption, follow trends, track changes, and identify key culprits of energy drain. If so desired, customers can make adjustments to any of their settings independent of account specialist. Local control of thermostats is limited to predefined limits, preventing on-site employees from increasing or lowering temperature settings beyond pre-determined acceptable ranges.

EcoView Commercial Features:

On-site “dashboard” touch panel for graphical viewing of real-time and historical resource consumption data

Web-based interface for real-time usage reporting and remote thermostat control

Centralized, remote control of thermostats including set points, schedules, and heating and cooling limits that eliminates suboptimal local control

Innovative, automated “peak shaving” option designed to reduce consumption during peak demand periods

Dedicated Advanced Telemetry account specialists charged with monitoring customers’ consumption for anomalies and continually updating thermostat settings for optimal performance and savings

Automated email alerts

About Advanced Telemetry, LLC

With a corporate belief that energy and fiscal conservation begins with an awareness of wasteful consumption habits as they occur, Advanced Telemetry offers EcoView – a proprietary, smart energy and resource management system for both residential and small commercial applications. Server-based, Web accessible and built with an open standard automation protocol, EcoView is the most cost-effective, future-proof system available that enables users to easily view, manage and reduce their resource consumption - and thus utility bills and carbon footprint – in real time. This is among the reasons why Advanced Telemetry’s technology is being utilized by General Electric as part of its Ecomagination SmartCommandTM program. Founded in 2007, Advanced Telemetry is headquartered in San Diego, California.

For more information, please visit or call (858) 549-1083.

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