Could this become London’s greenest building?

Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture wants to create a school powered by the River Thames.

June 16, 2017 |

Rendering: Forbes Massie

Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture has created a concept for a school that would sit on the Thames wharf side at Cannon Street and could become the greenest building in London. The Thames Tidal School concept is “an exemplar of low embodied energy and carbon construction technologies,” according to the architect.

The school would be built using natural and bio-renewable materials sourced through local supply chains. The key component of the building’s many sustainable elements, however, is not the building materials it would use, but how it would generate its power.


Rendering: Forbes Massie.


The Tidal School would be built on the shore at the narrowest section of the Thames. The building would extend over the river and use turbines underneath to capture the tidal power. The build site at the narrowest section of the river is important because that is where the velocity of the tidal flow is at its highest point. The submerged turbines would harness the tidal power four times per day and use the energy produced to supply the building with carbon neutral power.

The Thames Tidal School is designed to meet the certifications of the Passivhaus standard and the BREEAM Outstanding rating.


Rendering: Forbes Massie.

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