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Metl-Span systems meet design needs in cost effective manner

One challenge required onsite bending of CFA panels for the curved portion of the facility. Photo courtesy of Metl-Span.

| March 25, 2015 | Metl-Span

The goal from the beginning was to construct an energy efficient building with insulated metal pa...

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project tango, tango, google, 3-D scanner, 3D scanner

Project Tango devices contain customized hardware and software designed to track the full 3D motion of the device, while simultaneously creating a map of the environment. Image: Google

February 10, 2015 | BD+C Staff

Google is said to be partnering with LG to create a version of the technology for public release...

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As the population ages, designers of commercial and multifamily applications are incorporating new solutions to meet those demands. Ergonomics can be an integral part of design, manufacturing, and use. Nowhere is this more critical than in bathroom design.

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The Cool Brick is made of porous ceramic bricks set in mortar. Photo credit: The Emerging Objects Corporation. 

February 05, 2015 | BD+C Staff

Cool Brick is made of porous ceramic bricks set in mortar. The bricks absorb water, which cools t...

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November 21, 2014 | BD+C Staff

For her latest addition to the I Am a Monument furniture series, designer and architect Naihan Li...

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The research can help designers identify which products should be subjected to e
October 16, 2014 | Perkins+Will

The white paper includes a list of 193 flame retardants, including 29 discovered in building and...

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Liberty Utilities installs Viega MegaPress. Photo: Viega
| October 13, 2014 | Viega Sponsored Content

Liberty Utilities of New Hampshire wanted a way to keep its installers safe without compromising...

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May 15, 2014 | Julie S. Higginbotham, Senior Editor

Color-shifting finishes, dry-erase surfaces, and stain-blocking paints are highlighted in this ro...

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To true the wall surface, the installer should level the insulation board, rathe
March 20, 2014 | Arthur L. Sanders & Benjamin J. Robinson, Hoffmann Architects

Poor workmanship, impact damage, building movement, and incompatible or unsound substrate are amo...

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nbbj, computational design
January 30, 2014 | BD+C Staff 

In an ideal world, every office employee would have a beautiful view from his or her desk. While...

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May 21, 2013 | BD+C Staff

Tile of Spain consultant and ceramic tile expert Ryan Fasan presented his "What's Trending in Til...

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May 09, 2013 | BD+C Staff

From a "no sweat" toilet to a deep-well lavatory, here's a round up of the latest high-efficiency...

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May 03, 2013 | C.C. Sullivan and Barbara Horwitz-Bennett

As experienced designers, contractors, and owners know, most paint and coating problems are corre...

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This free-form floating ceiling uses aluminum to add drama to healthcare think t
January 02, 2013 | By Amy McIntosh, Associate Editor and Raissa Rocha, Associate Editor

Welcome to the third installment of Building Design+Construction’s “Great Solutions,” hi...

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December 06, 2012 | Posted by Amy McIntosh, Associate Editor

The Sitrans FUE95 thermal energy calculator can be integrated for use with other Sitrans products...

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December 04, 2012 | Posted by Tim Gregorski, Senior Editor

Company will now have coverage in several parts of North Carolina.

October 13, 2012 |

Carpeting collection; anti-slip synthetic roof underlayment; louver screens.

October 12, 2012 | Posted by Raissa Rocha, Associate Editor

The Edge spout is cast entirely from ECAST low-lead brass to meet current lead reduction requirem...

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October 03, 2012 | Posted by Tim Gregorski, Senior Editor

Later this year, we will launch Best AEC Firms 2012. We’re looking for firms that create truly po...

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The new outer envelope of the A.J. Celebrezze Federal Building serves as a therm
September 17, 2012 | By Charles Young

An aged federal building gets wrapped in a new double wall glass skin.

The four-inch-thick Metl-Span insulated roof panels are finished in Cool Forest
September 17, 2012 | By Susan Bady, Contributing Editor

Metal roofing systems offer values such as longevity, favorable life cycle costs, and heightened...

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July 03, 2012 | Posted by Raissa Rocha, Associate Editor

DORMA gains one of the nation's largest independent automatic door distributors.

Restoration Millwork trim is made with a long-lasting, low-maintenance material
June 12, 2012 | Posted by Tim Gregorski, Senior Editor

Made from cellular polyvinyl chloride, the full line of Restoration Millwork trim, beadboard and...

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June 08, 2012 | Posted by Tim Gregorski, Senior Editor

The Living Building Challenge was chosen from a pool of 122 of entries from around the world.

The Tufts School of Dental Medicine developed a multi-year, multi-phase master p
June 08, 2012 | Posted by Tim Gregorski, Senior Editor

Project receives LEED Gold certification.

Kris Yates
June 08, 2012 | Posted by Tim Gregorski, Senior Editor

Yates is responsible for the start up, launch and ongoing sales and marketing of Allsteel’s new B...

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June 07, 2012 | Posted by Tim Gregorski, Senior Editor

Over the coming months both organizations will begin the process of formalizing the details of th...

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The Chicago Center for Green Technology is the nations first rehabilitated muni
June 04, 2012 |

Chicago Center for Green Technology uses high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers to share its gr...

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June 01, 2012 | Posted by Tim Gregorski, Senior Editor

By completing this course, you earn 1.0 HSW/SD AIA Learning Units.

June 01, 2012 | By Tim Gregorski, Senior Editor

The full report contains participating firm demographics, energy reduction initiatives undertaken...

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Eun Grace Ko's winning entry for Boral Brick's Live.Work.Learn student archite
May 30, 2012 | Posted by Tim Gregorski, Senior Editor

Eun Grace Ko, a student at the Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, named winner of annual cont...

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