Tableau’s new app, Vizable, converts spreadsheets into charts and graphs

Everyday users can simplify large amounts of data and sift through it interactively.

October 26, 2015 |

Image courtesy Vizable

For those who can internalize colorful charts and graphs more effectively than spreadsheets filled with numbers, Vizable is an appropriate solution.

The new iPad app, from Tableau, converts CVS and Excel files into line or bar graphs in seconds, as Fast Company reports. From there, users choose what categories to view, and then swipe and pinch the screen to add columns, change fields, filter, and sort. Results can be shared via email and social media.

Seattle-based Tableau makes similar software for major businesses, but Vizable is meant for everyday users. For example, individuals can use the app to track their purchases, teachers can visualize their students’ test scores, and small businesses can analyze their expenses.

"We want to reach a group of people who don't think they can see and understand this type of data," said Dave Story, Tableau's vice president for mobile growth, in the Fast Company piece. "If someone's kid walks into a room and the app was open, we'd want them to think it's a fun game.

The app, which has been in production for two years, is available on iTunes for free.

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