The sun’s rays helped shape this Studio Gang-designed NYC tower

Solar Carve Tower advances Studio Gang’s ‘solar carving’ design strategy.

February 24, 2017 |

Rendering courtesy of Studio Gang

When designing a new office building located between Manhattan’s High Line Park and the Hudson River, Studio Gang wanted to protect the views between the park and the river and block as little sunlight as possible. The firm’s solution to this problem was to take on the sun as a freelance designer.

Expanding upon its “solar carving” design strategy, Studio Gang used incident angles of the sun’s rays to sculpt the Solar Carve Tower’s form. The result is a gem-like façade that allows light, fresh air, and river views to reach the park.

At any point during the year, the sun’s rays will be able to pour around the building’s unique façade, which takes the shape of an hourglass made up of smaller diamond-shaped carvings, to reach the surrounding park and green space.

On its website, Studio Gang says, “Solar Carve Tower explores how shaping a building in response to solar access and other site-specific criteria can expand its architectural potential.”

Each of the building’s floors will provide office space ranging from 13,700 sf to 14,200 sf, the New York Post reports. 16-foot-high floor-to-ceiling windows will provide each floor with natural light, views, and connectivity to the natural environment. Solar Carve Tower will also include 17,000 sf of ground floor retail. In total, the new tower will provide 166,750 sf of space.

The project is targeting LEED Gold.


Rendering courtesy of Studio Gang.


Rendering courtesy of Studio Gang.


Rendering courtesy of Studio Gang.


Rendering courtesy of Studio Gang.


Image courtesy of Studio Gang.

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