Study shows modern workers struggle to leave work at the office

These findings are the third in a series of surveys conducted by Mancini-Duffy in 2014.

February 02, 2015 |

Study results show that employees tend to have trouble tearing themselves away from work. Photo credit: Tony Alter, Wikimedia Commons

Mancini-Duffy has released the newest findings from The Coordinate, its periodic survey on workplace trends. Participants, representing a cross-section of industries including architecture and design, engineering, finance and real estate, largely but not exclusively in the New York-metro area, were asked a series of questions about their work habits while on vacation. The findings indicate that more than half the respondents holds tight to their smartphones, checking and responding to email and taking phone calls, all or most of the time.

The survey results also show that a large number of employees derive inspiration from work-related sources such as colleagues, clients, challenging work and work-related publications and awards, as well as outside motivators including art, nature and opportunities to socialize and meet new people.



“With little or no ability to disconnect from work while on vacation, sick, or even during lunch, we need to start thinking about incorporating more non-work-related sources of inspiration and relaxation into our office landscape,” said Fran Ferrone, Mancini-Duffy’s Director of Workplace Innovation.

These findings are the third in a series of surveys conducted by Mancini-Duffy in 2014 to test the hypothesis of “the dissolution of the traditional workweek.” Complete results (and their implications) will be published in February. To participate in the Coordinate survey, click here

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