StrionAir air-purification system

March 01, 2006 |

The patented StrionAir system combines electrostatic, ionization, and mechanical filtration technology to deliver 95% efficiency filtration that catches and kills pathogens such as anthrax, bacteria, and mold. The system captures such particles by first applying an electrical charge to contaminants as they pass through an ionization array. A polarized disposable filter then collects the micro-organisms, where they are destroyed through a combination of ionization, oxidative stress, and charge accumulation.

Dan Green, senior project manager with Arnold & O'Sheridan, Madison, Wis., recently specified the system for a 278,000-sf hospital in southeastern Wisconsin.

Why Dan Green specified StrionAir

"This product performs to a MERV 16 filtration level. It filters particles as small as 0.3 microns, so it is very effective in the collection of dust, dirt, mold, bacteria, and even viruses."

"Unlike HEPA filters, this system has the ability to do germicidal kill. HEPA filters may collect pathogens, like anthrax and bacteria, but they cannot kill them."

"It has half the pressure drop of comparable filtration systems, greatly reducing energy consumption."

Dan Green also specifies:

Semco TE3 and TS heat-recovery wheels. The heat wheels are coated with a 3-angstrom molecular sieve desiccant solution that permits less than 0.04% cross-contamination from one airstream to another, while maintaining a 70–80% heat transfer rate. The cross-contamination rate for a typical heat wheel is 4%.

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