Steel Curtain Wall System Helps Fountaindale Public Library Nab LEED Gold in Style

Dramatic silk-screen-patterned glazing is central to building's daylighting scheme

April 23, 2013 |
SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity offers larger free spans.

Project: Fountaindale Public Library

Location: Bolingbrook, Ill.

Architect: Nagle Hartray Architecture

Glazing Contractor: Alliance Glass & Metal

Product: SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity™ Systems from TGP

The Fountaindale Public Library in Bolingbrook, Ill., is a learning wonderland. It utilizes expansive views, nature-evoking materials and a transformative floor plan to bridge the familiar with fantasy in storybook fashion. So compelling is the design that few visitors would guess the captivating space meets the stringent LEED Gold green building standard.

“From the outset of this project, the Fountaindale Public Library board identified being a LEED certified building as a primary objective,” said Peggy Danhof, president of the library, in a press release.

To ensure a visually compelling, green library, Nagle Hartray Architecture of Chicago wove numerous sustainable strategies and construction features into the building design. Among these was daylighting. A balanced light-admitting plan helps improve the library’s interior environment, as well as helps control energy consumption and light pollution.

One challenge the firm faced during the daylighting design process was how to adequately illuminate the library’s third floor space and still ensure a good user experience. The ideal application would admit large amounts of soft, glare-free light while simultaneously contributing to the library’s otherworldly design.

The firm found their solution with the SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity™ System from Technical Glass Products (TGP), Snoqualmie, Wash. The steel curtain wall system is typically three times stronger than traditional aluminum curtain wall systems and can use as a back mullion nearly any type of structural member, from stainless steel to glulam beams. This allows for greater free spans, larger areas of glass and reduced frame dimensions – each of which is necessary for effectively transferring daylight throughout the library’s expansive third floor.

Incorporated within the large curtain wall system is glazing that features a textured surface for more diffuse light. The silk-screen pattern is traced from tree shadows, helping to create a transformative effect for library patrons.


Silk-screen patterned glazing ensures more diffuse light.


The SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity System offers narrow sight lines of 1-3/4” (45 mm) or 2-3/8” (60 mm) and is available in a variety of system depths with infill options up to 2” (50 mm). Painted finishes are available in standard and custom choices, including stainless steel and anodized cover caps. Concealed fastener joinery creates a smooth, monolithic appearance.

SteelBuilt Curtainwall® Systems have been subjected to an extensive array of performance tests, including ASTM E283-04, ASTM E547-00, ASTM E331-00 and ASTM E330-02.

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