Slender but substantial

March 01, 2001 |

An architectural precast-concrete brick finish with bands of precast for accent-in a single cladding product-was specified by D. Ronald Brasher, the architect for Woodlands II, a new building at the Gateway Office Complex in Columbia, Md. "The system allows us to achieve our desired design of combined masonry and precast in one panel, with significant savings over conventional brick veneer and precast," says Brasher. "Second, we could construct a building with a masonry appearance in the dead of winter without cold-weather delays and added costs for winterized construction."

The maintenance-free cladding features 2 inches of precast secured by Nelson anchors to a heavy-gauge galvanized steel frame. Weighing 28 pounds per square foot, the exterior system allows the use of lighter structural steel framing and foundations. The panels also feature a low rate of thermal transfer and integrated steel studs that maximize usable floor area within the building.

The design of Woodlands II incorporated more than 400 Slenderwall panels covering 32,000 square feet.


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