Shenzhen Kingkey Group submits re-planning package for what could become China’s tallest tower

The high-rise, H700 Shenzhen Tower, is one of a group of towers being built in Shenzhen’s Caiwuwei financial and commercial area.

September 07, 2016 |

Rendering courtesy of bKL Architecture

Shanghai Tower is currently China’s tallest completed skyscraper, rising 632 meters (2,073 feet) above Shanghai. But that could all change if the Luohu District Government of Shenzhen approves developer Shenzhen Kingkey Group’s re-planning package for their new proposed development.

Anchoring the development is a 739-meter tower, a tower that, depending how other high-rise projects in China progress, could become the tallest building in the country when it is completed, CTBUH reports.

H700 Shenzhen Tower, as it has been dubbed, is being designed by bKL Architecture and would rise over 100 meters above Shanghai Tower. The proposed building site is where the current Huanyu Building stands. Next door to this site, where the Jindu Hotel currently stands, another 680-meter megatall structure is also planned. A flyover across Shennan Road will connect the two buildings.

While the massive tower is the focal point of the proposed plan, a plaza that includes retail, civic, and institutional structures is also included.

The Luohu district is geographically significant as it forms a thoroughfare between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, which may help to explain the over 100 urban renewal projects across more than 20 million sm of new real estate that are planned.

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