Santiago Calatrava-designed Museum of Tomorrow awarded 'Best New Museum of the Year – Central/South America' by Leading Culture Destinations

The museum opened in 2015 in Rio de Janeiro’s Porto Maravilha

October 11, 2016 |

The Leading Culture Destination Awards have been referred to as ‘The Oscars for Museums,’ for their role in recognizing institutions and cities around the globe for highlighting local culture, collaborating across sectors, and showcasing emerging destinations. And if the LCD Awards are the Oscars for Museums, then The Museum of Tomorrow, designed by Santiago Calatrava, has just won best picture for Central and South America.

The museum was awarded “Best New Museum of the Year – Central & South America” for its ability to address the future of the planet and lead the way in forward-thinking sustainable innovation.

The museum’s design is inspired by Brazilian culture and emphasizes sustainable design through its incorporation of natural light and use of water from the bay to regulate temperature. The roof and façade stretch almost the entire length of the Maua Pier while a reflecting pool filled with water from the surrounding bay gives the impression that the museum is floating. Additionally, photovoltaic solar panels on the roof adjust to the angle for the sun throughout the day for maximum solar intake.

The Museum of Tomorrow was also nominated for the ‘Museum Architecture of the Year’ award, but The Broad, a contemporary art museum in Los Angeles, won. Since the museum opened in December of 2015, it has already surpassed one million visitors and has become a symbol of the urban recovery of the Puerto Maravilha neighborhood. 

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