San Francisco commercial, multifamily regulations aim to reduce traffic volume

City planners will require design features to cut miles driven.

September 28, 2016 |

PIxabay Public Domain

San Francisco city planners intend to put design requirements on new multi-family projects with the goal of reducing traffic.

Officials from the San Francisco Planning Department, MTA, and County Transportation Authority have developed a plan with 26 traffic-reducing design measures. A certain amount of points is linked to each solution. Every new development project would be assigned a point target. The developer would be allowed to choose a suitable blend of features to reach the target.

The solutions include offering a fleet of bicycles, real-time transit information displays, subsidized transit passes, running commuter shuttles, and slashing onsite parking. The code would apply to all new residential buildings of 10 or more units, and buildings that are 10,000 sf or larger for commercial or institutional spaces.

The plan passed the city planning commission in August, and will soon be considered by San Francisco’s legislative body, the board of supervisors.

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