Rising to the occasion: Dubai shows some pictures of proposed 500-step structure

Still in the planning stages, this building would serve tourists and power climbers alike. 

August 01, 2016 |

The proposed Dubai Steps, with 500 stairs, would be the equlvalent of 25 stories tall. How soon the city will move forward on this project, though, is still up in the air. Image: Dubai Media Office

The Dubai Media Office has released six computer-generated images of Dubai Steps, a 100-meter-high structure with 500 steps that this United Arab Emirate city is hoping will become its next iconic landmark.

The 25-story Dubai Steps was one of six projects that municipal officials announced last April. However, details about the steps since then have been scant. No construction date has been set, and officials have not made public the name of the architect or the cost of this project.

Even its location hasn’t been nailed down yet, although Gulf News and other media outlets report that possible locations include the area next to Union Square in Deira (which in recent years has been losing its importance as a commercial center), Dubai Creek, and Dubai Marina. 

Time Out Dubai reports that in a story shared by Dubai Media Office from Arabic website emaratalyoum.com, the city’s Assistant Director General for Engineering and Planning at Dubai Municipality revealed it would take no more than a year to construct the 500-step tower.

Khaleej Times adds that Dubai Steps would serve as a continuation of other vertical projects like Dubai Frame, which is nearing completion in Zabeel Park.


The 100-meter-tall structure would be a continuation of Dubai's multiple vertical construction projects. Image: Dubai Media Office


The Dubai Steps would include rest stops every 100 steps for tourists on their ascent to the top. Image: Dubai Media Office.



Dubai Steps would facilitate tourism and sports, say local officials. The structure would include five dedicated rest and event areas (every 100 steps) for visitors who are making the long walk to the top platform.

Predictably, the Dubai Steps project is already getting some ribbing, including one comparison to the “Escalator to Nowhere” on “The Simpsons.”

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