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Richlite paper-based pressboard

November 01, 2005 |

Designed for everything from kitchen countertops to skateboard ramps to boats, Richlite hardboard panels are composed of multiple layers of FSC-certified craft paper that is treated with No-VOC resin and then pressed and baked to create environmentally friendly rigid panels from ¼ to 2 inches thick.

Blaine Brownell, lead design architect with Seattle-based NBBJ, recently specified ¼-inch-thick Richlite panels to clad 180 residential units at the Alley24 mixed-use development in Seattle (above).

Why Blaine Brownell specified Richlite for Alley24

"We were looking for an environmentally friendly siding that was comparable cost-wise to vinyl and corrugate metal. While more pricey, Richlite saves considerable costs in labor, because it doesn't have to be stained or sealed, and the panels are pre-cut at the factory."

"We needed something that could take a lot of abuse. It's an incredibly durable and rigid product that was initially used in the aerospace industry."

"It's a through-color panel with low flame spread characteristics, which makes it suitable for exterior cladding applications."

"The company offers seven standard colors, as well as custom blends. Changing colors means using different colored paper; no paints or additives are needed."

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