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Resilient design in metal building roof and wall panels [AIA Course]

This course explains why severe weather events are causing designs, standards, and codes to be revisited.

May 29, 2019 |
Resilient design in metal building roof and wall panels [AIA Course]

While resilience generally means better prepared for adverse conditions and better able to handle and survive them, this course will drill down into the many facets of resilience that include planning and material selection, to provide a better understanding of performance of materials and systems under stress.

Learning Objectives:
* Understand lessons learned from current and previous extreme weather events as related to metal building roof and wall systems
* Identify the multiple hazards that impact buildings objectively and in a consistent and reproducible way
* Establish the importance of and utilize the relationships between performance, risk, resilience and multi-hazards to evaluate and design safer and more secure facilities
* Evaluate Resilience and its components as related to buildings so that they can be objectively identified and used in the design, specification and decision-making process



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