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Resiliency of a community’s housing stock can be measured according to new benchmark

Metric can help municipalities prepare for disasters.

November 01, 2019 |

Courtesy Pixabay

A new benchmark issued by the Alliance for National and Community Resilience can measure the resiliency of a community’s housing stock.

The housing benchmark addresses the availability of affordable housing, the quality of housing, the availability of shelter, and continuity planning for disasters. All residential structures including single family and multifamily are included.

The benchmark also addresses the needs of various groups such as older residents, families, and residents with physical and mental disabilities. This population may require special supportive housing facilities.

“Risks from a changing climate threaten the affordable housing stock we do have,” said Laurie Schoeman of Enterprise Community Partners, in an alliance news release. “The Housing Resilience Benchmarks are a key tool to help communities better prepare, adapt, and preserve their affordable homes to protect low-income families now and into the future.”

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