Registration now open for Canada’s first Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) program

Standard is designed to be applicable across many types of new and existing buildings.

November 06, 2017 |

The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) has opened public registration for Canada’s first Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) Program.

The program provides third-party verification of compliance for zero carbon design and performance. The standard is designed to be broadly applicable across many types of new and existing buildings.

It was created to align with recent and upcoming federal and provincial policies that target net zero performance. CaGBC has been working with 16 Zero Carbon Pilot Projects across the country. This group represents the broad applicability of the standard, with both new and existing projects ranging in size from 20,000 sf to 1.3 million sf located in many parts the country.

Many of the pilot projects are completing the design stage and have found the ZCB Standard key to shaping their design strategies, CaGBC said in a press release. “Although we’ve been proponents and early adopters of high performance and sustainable building features, we recognize that incremental improvement is not moving the dial far enough and that we need a fundamental and transformative shift in how we design, specify, and build-out our projects,” said Kirk Robinson of Delta Land Development, one of the companies working on a pilot project.

Those interested in registering for the CaGBC ZCB Program or in learning more about the standard and its requirements can visit

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