Reconstruction awards procedures and material  for submission

June 28, 2005 |


Each entry should be submitted in a three-ring binder in which the Application Form appears first.

Each entry must include the following:

1. A printed copy of your completed electronic Application Form (included in this brochure).

2. A check or purchase order for $200 made payable to Building Design & Construction for each entry.

3. A description of total reconstruction and renovation cost with a breakdown by major categories or divisions (concrete, mechanical, roofing, etc.). Note: You may request to keep this information confidential. See “How to Win” tip sheet, Point #9.

4. Up to 20 color prints of the building’s exterior and interior views as well as pertinent floor plans, site plans, sections and/or elevations showing the building before reconstruction or renovation. Ideally, prints and drawings should be in a glossy, 8x10-in. format, although other formats for special items like in-progress reconstruction shots are also acceptable.

IN ADDITION, provide all images, illustrations, and drawings in high-resolution digital format on a CD. All supporting photography must be royalty-free such that it can be used for publication, advertising, and promotional purposes by BD&C.

IMPORTANT: Secure the CD in your binder such that it cannot fall out. We recommend putting it in a vinyl holder and inserting it in the 3-ring binder. Make sure your firm’s name and the project title are printed directly on the CD.

5. A statement regarding (A) the key details of the reconstruction and renovation of the building and (B) how your team (architects, engineers, contractors, CMs, subs, building owners, developers, government officials, etc.) addressed the client’s needs, solved tough technical problems, and created a finished product of added value to society. Both aspects are crucial to winning. (For helpful suggestions, see our “How to Win” tip sheet.)

Include any supporting documents or drawings (e.g., project schedules, articles, diagrams or details, etc.) or articles that illustrate your statement. Submitters may include statements from other team members. The written statement should not exceed 8-10 typewritten pages independent of supporting documents or drawings.

Entries cannot be returned. All materials, including supporting photography, become the property of Building Design & Construction.

For clarification on eligibility, entry procedures, or additional entry forms contact Dave Barista, Building Design & Construction, 2000 Clearwater Drive, Oak Brook, IL 60523; (630) 288-8082;

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