Rebates for roof voltaics

September 01, 2003 |

In another of a string of initiatives designed to promote the use of photovoltaic systems in Chicago, the city’s electric utility is offering rebates on grid-tied solar electric systems purchased from a local PV supplier to businesses and institutions.

Developed by Commonwealth Edison as directed by the state, the Photovoltaic Incentive Program extends rebates to eligible organizations and individuals for systems bought from supplier Spire Solar Chicago. Systems must be 1 to 50 kW of direct current nameplate capacity and installed within the city. The rebates, offered through 2004 or while funds remain, are $1,250/kW in 2003 and $1,000/kW in 2004.

Other incentives offered by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs’ Renewable Energy Resources Program, the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, and the Federal Business Energy Tax Credit and Accelerated Depreciation can further reduce the cost of installing PVs on roofs.

The Chicago Solar Partnership is an effort to promote awareness about generating power from renewable resources such as photovoltaic (solar), wind, geothermal, gas (methane), and hydro (water) energy. PVs have been installed at several Chicago public schools and museums, including the Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum of Natural History.

For more information: More information on roofing trends can be found on p. 66.

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