Project FROG 2.0 gets 'pre-check' approval from California's state architect

California Division of the State Architect pre-check approval clears the path for fast, affordable zero-net energy classrooms

February 03, 2009 |



Project FROG, a San Francisco-based manufacturer of LEED and CHPS ready high-performance building systems, has been awarded Pre-Check Certification by the Division of the State Architect (DSA) of California for FROG 2.0, the platform that the company uses to manufacture it’s quick to deploy smart buildings, including it’s zero-net energy classroom, FROG Zero.

A base standard for building safety and energy efficiency, DSA PC approval for FROG 2.0 will create significant reductions in cost and construction time for California public schools. Pre-check approval indicates that the design of a building has been approved in advance of submittal for specific school campus projects, which vastly improves the amount of time typically required to complete building site reviews. The DSA PC approval process culminated 18 months of design by Project FROG and six months of review by the DSA.

“The 2.0 platform is the core of our smart building system” said Adam Tibbs, president of Project FROG. “DSA PC approval will enable schools to affordably buy the healthiest, greenest high performing buildings out there. And, the PC means that they can have all of the above – customized, approved, and installed – in as few as six months.”

FROG 2.0 represents a significant advancement of the structural design – including additional layers of sustainable materials and improved responsiveness to site and climate – in order to meet the new latest California Building Code requirements. Further improvements include enhanced modularity to decrease installation time, higher insulated walls and ceilings, and a more flexible wall system and configurations.

Project FROG is currently taking orders for buildings to be completed by Fall 2009.

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