Warm white LEDs now available

May 01, 2007 |

Cree recently announced that it is shipping warm white XLamp LED lights that produce up to 124 lumens at a correlated color temperature of 3,000 Kelvin when driven at 700 milliamps. It is the first warm white LED that can run at 700 milliamps. The availability of high-performance LEDs across a full range of color temperatures can allow lighting product manufacturers to build cost-effective LED fixtures for many indoor office applications, helping meet the need for energy-efficient, environmentally friendly lighting. The new warm white is available in both the XLamp XR-E and XR-C power LED families that are designed according to a proposed ANSI standard, allowing manufacturers to select LEDs the same way they select bulbs today.

Cree Input No. 202 at BDCnetwork.com/quickResponse

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