Vertical Transportation

August 01, 2003 |

Trailer booster

Top of ground or surface-mounted truck levelers can be used in any building where a truck unloads by raising the rear of the vehicle to align with a raised concrete loading deck. Capacities are 50,000 pounds and 60,000 pounds and platform sizes are 10x14 ft. to 11x20 ft. The units come with a 5-hp power unit, and push-button controls. The truck levelers have an anti-interflow hydraulic system that prevents oil from transferring between cylinders when the unit is at rest.

Advance Lifts.

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Space-efficient system

Compact elevator system can be installed within a hoistway and mounted directly to the elevator rails, saving traditional machine room space in apartment and condominium buildings, offices, and hotels. The 400A incorporates an easy-access controller cabinet, available in 2,100- to 3,500-pound capacities. It allows for up to 21 openings, both front and rear, is suitable for two to 20 stops, and travels up to 200 ft. at speeds of 200 to 350 fpm.


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Faster response

Phoenix's Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center has five patient/visitor elevators, four service elevators, and two ancillary elevators. With building expansions housing 570 beds and a medical staff of nearly 1,800 physicians, the growing demand for elevators created response times of nearly two minutes for each call. The existing system couldn't keep up with an average of 8,000 calls in each 24-hour period. Installing new microprocessor service elevator controls helped bring response times down to approximately 25 seconds, with no new elevator units needing to be installed. The system allows employee passengers to enter keypad codes, giving the system a chance to make hierarchical decisions about who has originated the call and what their purpose is. The system also addresses the hospital's security needs, enabling the facility to track who is using elevators and when they're being used.


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