Vertical Transportation

February 01, 2002 |

Modular mover

Recommended for manufacturing, distribution, tools rooms, stock rooms and general warehousing applications, the Shuttle vertical lift module is an enclosed automated storage and retrieval system that features vertically arranged trays, an ergonomically positioned extraction platform and computerized controls.


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Convey it

Four-strand conveyor incorporates economical modular construction and a platform for high-speed operation, low maintenance and simplified assembly. Best for conveying cartons and other smooth-bottom unit loads, Valu-lift is small and easy to install.

TKF Inc.

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Going up?

The University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) will use eight gearless passenger elevators, eight gearless service elevators, two gearless trauma/hospital elevators, four in-ground hydraulic passenger elevators and three roped hydraulic passenger elevators in its new medical center. Scheduled to open in 2005, the $400 million UCLA Hospital will replace its current medical center, which received structural damage from the 1994 Northridge earthquake. The elevators help the building comply with the 2008 California Seismic Safety Standards.

Kone Corp.

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Up, up and away

Elevator offers a holeless solution for a wide range of low-rise buildings, including offices, retail complexes, hotels and hospitals. With an advanced design that completely eliminates the below-grade jack-hole, the 330A has multi-car group configurations, single- and two-speed side-opening doors and single-speed center-opening doors. It features above-ground hydraulics mounted directly on the floor of a simple, self-contained pit, eliminating the need for drilling holes in the ground and avoiding the potential for below-ground leaks.


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Hydraulic control system

Control system for use on all hydraulic elevator applications is designed to increase the performance of elevator systems in low-rise buildings. The TAC20 control system is suitable for both new construction and renovation projects. It incorporates a software-based system that is fully upgradeable, allowing for easier technological improvements such as adding new elevator equipment or changing performance options.


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Wheelchair lift

Wheelchair lift is constructed with a fiberglass exterior, and a new system drive, allowing for soft curves, recesses and fewer seam lines to make it attractive. Available in 20 standard colors, it is adaptable for indoor and outdoor use and is best used in schools, meeting halls and offices. The lift is available in 20 standard colors. Custom colors are available as well.

Inclinator Co.

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Go in style

Series 300 elevator interior is delivered prefabricated and can be specified with a variety of materials and configurations. Aluminum tongue-and-groove extrusions frame each inset panel, allowing for multiple configurations. Materials range from stainless steel and metals to wood and solid surfaces, which can be chosen for each cab.

Forms + Surfaces.

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Movin' on down

Elevator requires no machine room; instead, the mechanism is at the top of the shaft. It is lightweight, flexible and made from polyurethane steel belts which make it energy-efficient, as much as 50 percent more than a conventional geared machine.


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Naturally speaking

Textures in the Bhatan Collection carpet line from Karastan Contract mimic the weave of sisal. A tight herringbone weave and a traditional diagonal sisal block are engineered for high-traffic applications, such as retail, public spaces, corridors, open offices and hospitality facilities.

Mohawk Group.

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Stony look

Formed from volcanic perlite, fireproof Eurostone acoustical ceiling system is unaffected by water, high humidity and infectious bacterial agents. Offered in 19 patterns, it is suitable for educational, health-care, hospitality, corporate and retail environments.

Chicago Metallic.

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Glazed porcelain

A glazed porcelain floor tile, Monument, is available in four hues and a variety of sizes and styles.


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Let there be light

Designers can specify color, translucence, size and shape of Lightblocks, in acrylic or polycarbonate. They have been specified for floors as well as for partitions, doors, walls and ceilings, retail displays, light fixtures, signs and furniture.

M.B. Wellington Studio Inc.

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New use for nylon

A durable carpet and hard-surface flooring hybrid offers slip-resistance and sound-muffling properties. The manufacturer says Metafloor is 29 percent less expensive to maintain than regular carpeting and 49 percent less expensive than hard-surface flooring.


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