Translucent panels key to historic facelift

February 16, 2009 |


American Architectural Window & Door (AAWD), a Sparta, N.J.-based fenestration installation specialist, recently completed a renovation project that transformed a 1913, 10-story storage building in Manhattan into a hip multifamily development through use of energy-efficient Kalwall translucent panels. In order to meet stringent owner performance criteria as to light transmittance, energy efficiency, security, and appearance for the fenestration materials, AAWD specified a Kalwall insulated panel system with critically aligned custom grids. In all, 702 panels fill the building's 234 window openings. Prismatic glass fibers embedded in the Kalwall panel face refract sunshine, even on overcast days, to provide building interiors with bright, diffused, glare-free, and shadow-free natural light.


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