Skylight shuts out sun with the flick of a switch

March 17, 2011 |

Wasco Skylights introduced a new high-performance unit that utilizes electrochromic glazing from SageGlass. The unit’s specialty glazing reduces glare and solar heat gain with an electrical charge that automatically tints the glazing; reversing the charge brings the glazing back to a clear state. The tinting can be activated with a switch or integrated into a building management system, and enables a range of visible light transmittance, from 62% (in a clear state) to 3.5% (when tinted); most glazing in commercial buildings transmits 45% of visible light. Solar heat gain coefficients range from .09 at its darkest to 0.48 when clear. SageGlass is GreenSpec-listed and can contribute up to 23 LEED points in several categories.


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