Save money, stay warm with insulated metal wall panels

March 01, 2009 |



Insulated metal wall panels are an affordable concrete alternative at roughly half the cost of concrete blocks. Kingspan API Granitstone lightweight panels are combined with the architectural appearance of sprayed stucco for a high-strength, factory-finished building product. Granitstone Quartz is also available to complement existing stucco with a deeper, heavier natural stone finish. Granitstone panels have an R-value from 16-49, depending on the type and thickness.

Applications: Commercial and industrial walls

Availability: Nationwide

Cost: Varies due to wide variety of panel lengths and thicknesses; quote: (877) 638-3266

Contents: Exterior: acrylic aggregate stucco finish factory-applied over primed steel facings; insulation: foamed-in-place urethane modified isocyanurate with nominal density of 2.3-2.6 pounds per cubic foot

Options/Sizes: Eight Granitstone colors and five Granitstone Quartz colors; 42 inches wide and 10-42 feet long; thickness: 2, 2½, 3, 4, 5, or 6 inches; R-value: 16, 20, 25, 33, 41, and 49

Environmental attributes: 300GS panel has a post-consumer recycled content of 21%, post-industrial recycled content of 12%, and VOC content of 180g/L

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