Rooftop railing system is the right prescription for pharmaceutical firm

December 01, 2007 |

Rooftop safety was high on the list of concerns when Scientific Protein Laboratories recently expanded its 96,500-sf manufacturing facility in Waunakee, Wis. Looking to provide roof access and fall protection for maintenance workers, the biopharmaceutical company sought out a railing system that could be installed without penetrating the building's standing-seam metal roof. SPL specified Kee Safety Inc.'s KeeGuard rooftop safety railing system, which is comprised of galvanized pipe rails connected by upright assemblies and structural pipefittings. The railing system was attached to the roof using the manufacturer's new fastening system designed specifically for metal roofs. Base plates are clamped to the roof seams, and the upright assemblies are then connected to the base mounting plates, with four-inch-high toe boards (running the length of the system) attached to the plates and base fittings of the upright assemblies. Installed by Bachmann Construction, a design-build contractor based in Madison, Wis., the KeeGuard system measures 110 linear feet, and is formed by a walkway area of 21 feet from the roof's edge to a 16x20-foot rectangular area around an HVAC unit in the middle of the roof.

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