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Waterfree bathroom technology

July 01, 2004 |

The latest effort by architects and engineers in water conservation is specifying the waterfree urinal. Studies show that water consumption and the impact to wastewater treatment systems can decrease by as much as 50,000 gallons per year for each waterfree urinal. Schools, government agencies, and office buildings are opting to install waterfree urinals as a part of their overall effort to create a green building.

However, critics site ammonia odor due to the absence of flush water in the urinals as a major disadvantage. This claim was put to the test by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD), who installed two different brands of non-water urinals in six of their state parks as part of a sustainability initiative under the auspices of the Deartment of Energy’s Rebuild America program.

The OPRD commissioned third party Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Wash., to take restroom air samples in proximity to the urinals in an effort to determine the ammonia level in each bathroom. Each bathroom had either Falcon Water Free or Waterless brand urinals and is made from either non-vitreous china or vitreous china. The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory found there to be “barely detectible or no detectible ammonia in the non-water using urinals.” According to the study, detectible levels were well below the average person’s threshold for detecting ammonia. For more information

Flush out

Toilet system for bathrooms that require below-floor drainage can be installed up to 18 feet below the sewer level and 150 feet away from a soil stack. The Sanibest collects and pumps waste water away from a hand basin, bathtub, shower, urinal, and washing machine. It is connected to a low-consumption elongated toilet using just six liters of water per flush. Best for commercial bathroom renovations needed for heavy use.

SFA Saniflo.

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All we need is a miracle

Vented toilet seat, connected to an electric fan, vents germs and odors to the outside of the office, hotel, restaurant, hospital, or clinic. The Miracle Seat eliminates odors by channeling them though a 1.5-inch pipe and fan and then to an exterior vent. Extra fan is not required for buildings with central HVAC systems.

Miracle Seat Co.

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Heavy on the brass

Kitchen and lavatory faucets are made with heavy cast brass for durability in food service facilities, apartments, airports, stadiums, and restaurants. The ADA-compliant simple blade handles function well in tight spaces, says its maker. Screws and aerators are vandal resistant. Four-, 8-, and 12-inch centers are available for mounting.

Gerber Plumbing Fixtures Corp.

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Campus showerheads

Self-cleaning showerheads were installed throughout the Indiana State University campus in Terre Haute because of the water savings they provide and their ease of maintenance. The Act-O-Matic 2.5-gpm flow control showerhead meets federal and Indiana state water conservation requirements, fits into a standard ½-inch I.P.S. inlet, and features a universal ball joint and thumbscrew volume control to ensure increased water economy. The university’s senior mechanical engineer Jim Eslanger said, “The chrome-plated all-brass showerhead virtually takes care of itself, especially in our hard water system. That’s important with 11,000 students.”

Sloan Valve Co.

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Wrapped up

Flexible pipe insulation for industrial and commercial applications is supplied cut-to-size and grooved for easy installation over pipes from 6 to 30 inches in diameter. The Micro-Flex CTS is made from semi-rigid fiberglass with a homogeneous random fiber orientation that delivers compressive strength and excellent thermal insulating properties, says the manufacturer. A patented process is used to cut precise V-grooves that allow the insulation to wrap with no gaps.

Johns Manville.

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Can’t touch this

Hands-free washroom operating system reduces water usage by 70%, while at the same time reducing maintenance costs by preventing stains and damage from uric acid and calcium deposits. Radius capacitive sensors create a force field that activates water flow as hands approach the faucet, so customers don’t have to search for the right spot and to distinguish hands from false activators. Power is drawn from the batteries only when needed, extending their life for as long as three years. Radius is backed by a 24-7 direct technical help line.

Technical Concepts.

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The lap of luxury

Bath fixtures and accessories are made with quality crystal, solid brass, or hand-finished metals for luxury hotels and resorts. Available in five series of faucetry, the Cristal de Lalique Collection comes in shower sets, tub sets, towel rings and bars, robe hooks, soap dishes, holders, and tumblers. Available in over 85 finishes.


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Blow dry

Hand dryer models are constructed of ¼-inch cast iron with porcelain-enameled exposed areas and are tamper-resistant at the air intake openings. The internal parts of Models A and XA hand dryers are plated with corrosion-resistant materials. Equipped with 1/10-hp motor which delivers average air velocity of 7,300 linear feet per minute for quick drying.

World Dryer.

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Bye, bye germs

Wall-mount scrub-up sink is constructed from type 304, 16-gauge stainless steel and is ideal for use in hospitals, clinics, and institutions where ADA standards are required. The 36 x 20-inch single-station sink includes a locking access door and full-length backsplash, as well as optional anti-scald thermostatic mixing valve and rose spray converter. The Scrub-up Sink (model EWSFAD13620) is a hands-free, sensor-operated faucet.


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Green roof

Tile panel roofing system available in an aluminum substrate comes with an environmentally friendly meadow green finish. The 3-foot wide panels are applied vertically and secured with screw fasteners for wind- and weather-tight performance. The product’s 230-mph wind rating and Class 4 ranking for impact resistance makes it ideal for coastal and other corrosive environments. The .032 aluminum panel system weighs approximately 85 pounds per square foot and is available in 10 colors.

Met-Tile Inc.

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The most exciting seat in sports

The DuPont Monster Bridge, a glass enclosed seating structure that extends directly over the track at Dover International Speedway, Dover, Del., features 50 custom-made chairs.The Sprint seats have 22-inch double arm rests, closed-circuit radio/scanner holders, cup holders, and fabric coated with DuPont Teflon that is embroidered with the “Monster Mile” logo. At 29 feet above the center of the track, spectators can watch the NASCAR racing with their own eyes or check out one of the nine flat-screen TVs in the bridge.


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Stay the night

The Gaylord’s Texas Resort and Convention Center in Grapevine Lake, Texas, is a 1.3 million-sf hotel with 20,000-sf of exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS) installed on the interior of its atrium. The PB system EIFS were installed in three colors and textures as well as cultured stone in various combinations, all in keeping with the Southwest motif. Architects Hnedak Bobo Group, Memphis, Tenn., chose to put an exterior product on the interior walls of the 1,500-room hotel in order to create an outdoor feel and stucco look with a Texas flavor.


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Smooth surface

Interior wall surfacing system maintains impact resistance and cracking on concrete and drywall surfaces. The Key-Lastic Wall System uses an epoxy base coat and a 100% solid urethane enamel wall coating finish. The system is ideal for pharmaceutical facilities, food and beverage facilities, healthcare rooms, cafeterias, and locker rooms.

Key Resin Co.

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Wall repair

Mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor is ideal for structurally repairing or overlaying deteriorated concrete because of its polymer-modified, cement-based composition. Trowel-Grade Mortar can be used on horizontal or vertical surfaces for repairs from ¼ to 2 inches or extended with aggregate for deeper horizontal applications. According to its maker, it is thermally compatible.

Sto Corp.

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