Products - February 2003

February 01, 2003 |

Secure your holdings

Standard or custom-designed security booths, access control booths and guardhouses help deter acts of terrorism, violence, and unauthorized entry. Available in steel or aluminum construction, with optional bullet resistant components that meet up to Class 4 requirements. Free-standing mezzanines which can elevate the booth for an unobstructed view of a large area are available as well. Can be constructed to meet all ADA guidelines.

Porta-King Building Systems.

Reader Service No. 230


Guard dog

Guard booth with sculptured walls and custom-painted galvanized steel with stainless steel to create a modern design. Additional features include a complete HVAC system, dual pane insulating bent glass, complete cabinets and shelves, and an all U.L.-approved electrical system. The Park LaBrea can be delivered to any site.

B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc.

Reader Service No. 231

Locked in

Secured cage made of wire mesh are designed for future expansion or modification in schools, hospitals, post offices, and data centers. Standard size panels and doors are available in five colors.

King Wire Partitions, Inc.

Reader Service No. 232

Steamed room

Freestanding, completely contained sauna for hotels and gyms includes duckboard flooring for ease of walking, pre-assembled benches, pre-hung, all glass door, and a sauna room light. Available in sizes from 4x4 to 6x8, custom-cut.


Reader Service No. 233

Protection from above

The Neptune Middle School in Central Florida specified a walk cover so students walking on the side of the building have some shelter from the rain. The cover is available as free-standing structure or wall-mounted, as shown, and has a flat or gable roof. The Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels feature a routed expanded polystyrene foam core that provides continuous insulation and eliminates concern over condensation problems, according to its maker. Panels can be built 3 to 8” thick and come in 23 1/8” and 4’ widths. Various gauges of aluminum and steel are available. Panels can be custom made and are pre-engineered to snap directly together.

Structall Building Systems.

Reader Service No. 234

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