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Lighting/Lighting Controls

December 01, 2003 |

Lighting/Lighting Controls

Energy-efficient education

The Chisholm Middle School in Chisholm, Minn., installed LightSaver dimming controls as part of an energy-efficiency program. In addition to daylighting controls in classrooms throughout the 26,000-sq.-ft. campus, the school uses occupancy sensors to automatically turn off lights. Lighting is kept at required levels by dividing the classrooms into three zones, based on the level of daylight each room receives. When the amount of daylight is adequate, lights dim to lower levels. Teachers and students also may access LS-4 dimming wall switches for manual control when lighting is not needed during class time.

The Watt Stopper.

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Follow the light

Permanent recessed night-light provides automatic dusk-to-dawn accent, mood, and safety illumination. Designed especially for hallways in hotels, apartments, restaurants, and nightclubs, the Starion light is available in several styles for energy savings, including low-wattage incandescent, halogen, LED, and patented 1-watt capsule fluorescent light sources.

Briteland Industries Corp.

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Playing the big rooms

Programmable Jack for use in the local operation of a facility’s lighting-control system requires no programming or special set-up procedures. Intended for use in conference, meeting, or ballroom installations where large spaces are frequently partitioned to form various smaller rooms. Featuring a pushbutton switch and LED indicator under its faceplate for installer troubleshooting, the jack includes a locking quick-connect/disconnect connector and can be configured easily, according to its manufacturer.


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Computer controls

Lighting-management system helps reduce ongoing energy/demand costs while increasing lighting-system performance. The PowerGate system is comprised of PC software and control devices, which install at the electrical panel, with communication between them taking place using the Internet or an existing corporate network. Using the software, facility operators can program dimming and automatic shut-off on a single lighting circuit up to lighting systems in multiple buildings, flexibly reducing high demand charges and ongoing energy costs.

Ultrawatt Energy Systems, Inc.

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High lighting

Fluorescent high-bay luminaries for applications with high mounting heights and where high lumen output is required, such as retail and department stores, warehouses, industrial facilities, school gymnasiums, auditoriums, and convention centers. The Metalux F-Bay Lighting System can be used in the retrofit of H.I.D. applications that are operating at 60-70% of their original light output and consuming 25-40% more energy than an equivalent fluorescent product would require.


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Indoor/outdoor wall lights

Direct/indirect wall lights feature a fully adjustable optical system allowing for precise lighting control and calibrated aiming. The NiteBrites DNL/DNM luminaires can be mounted indoors or outdoors and oriented up for indirect or down for direct illumination. Both are available in a variety of wattages, lamp sources, and finishes. Suited for building perimeters, large interior commercial, retail, and transportation spaces.

Day-Brite Lighting.

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The wave

Lavatory system uses a wave look to combine a lower, ADA-compliant sink with a higher sink, making it suitable for upscale retail centers, restaurants, offices, hotels, and fitness centers. The Frequency Lavatory System is available in six models, with one-, two-, and three-station options. An infrared-controlled faucet and a line of coordinating accessories, including soap dispensers, mirrors, shelves, and towel dispensers, all come in the same look.


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Seamless transition

The Ford Motor Co.’s Wixom, Mich., plant needed to switch its water supply from well water to city water. To do this, a water-booster system, completely enclosed in a fiberglass modular structure, was created to house the needed pumps and controls together and installed outside the production area of the plant. The system was shipped to the site completely assembled and ready to install so that the plant could continue running while making the switch from well water to city water. The system can deliver from zero to 2,000 GPM at a constant discharge pressure of 84 PSIG when the minimum suction pressure is 30 PSIG. The system is capable of meeting all conditions from zero to maximum flow without exceeding the temperature design of the motor windings. Other features include a low-temperature alarm with contacts for remote monitoring and pumps and monitors are removable without having to disassemble other components because of the building design. Double-door access to any part of the system, makes it serviceable inside the heated area.

Metropolitan Industries, Inc.

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Rush to flush

Baltimore’s Ravens Stadium installed over 1,000 Regal Model 111 and 186 Flushometers to handle the 100,000 gallons of water pressure flushed during halftime of the team’s football games. The 69,000-seat stadium has a water capacity of 30,000 gallons and 38 miles of pipe kept at a pressure of 112 pounds per square inch.

Sloan Valve Co.

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Water flow

Infrared flush valve features a turbine flow meter that precisely measures water for every flush. Dual sensors and an adjustable detection range help provide consistent, reliable flushing, regardless of water pressure fluctuation, says the manufacturer. Available with a three-year warranty on the solenoid and a five-year warranty on the mechanical parts.


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Re-designed plumbing

The SwirlFlo barrier-free coolers have been redesigned with a tubular arm that supports the basin, while a pushbutton disc has replaced the pushbar. A splash-minimizing contoured basin also has been added. The coolers are available in single-, two-level, and refrigerated and non-refrigerated models, with high-shine highlights on the basin. The basin lifts from above for easy maintenance and repair and the entire unit can be wall-mounted.

Elkay Manufacturing Co.

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Striped glazing

The 200-unit Yerba Buena Lofts in San Francisco, designed by Stanley Saitowitz of Natoma Architects, used Profilit translucent channel glass with its interlocking U-shaped sections. The lofts required certified testing for structural code compliance specific to area 4 seismic, structural wind loads, large spans, sound reduction, and California energy codes. The glass is wired, double-layered, and horizontally oriented to span 7-ft.x19-ft., 8-in.


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