July 01, 2001 |

Veneer dye job

Dyed natural and reconstituted ve-neers include hundreds of colors, patterns and spe-cies, and are dyed using a computer-calibrated coloring process that allows the veneers to retain the characteristics of the wood.

WTP Corp.

Reader Service No. 306

Indirect shades

Suitable for lobbies, general office spaces, schools, retail establishments and public building interiors, indirect and semi-indirect die-formed steel fluorescent luminaires combine performance and styling. Six profiles offer a choice of solid body or perforated accents in white, specular aluminum, steel gray and pastel finishes.


Reader Service No. 336

Durable yet dapper

During the construction of the Sun Suites in Charlotte, N.C., the Atlanta-based extended-stay hotel chain specified PVC railing instead of wood to reduce short- and long-term maintenance costs. The hotel's railing is designed to provide a hotel exterior that requires little upkeep to maintain its attractiveness. Constructed from 100 percent UV-stabilized high-impact extruded PVC, the railing is approved for guardrail applications.

L.B. Plastics Inc.

Reader Service No. 310

Plasma . . . stat!

In response to high demand for protection hardware for plasma screen displays, new indoor and outdoor models have been developed. The indoor display model offers security from both theft and vandalism with its steel frame and clear plastic front panel. Outdoor models offer environmental protection from inclement weather and other corrosive elements.

Premier Mounts.

Reader Service No. 301

Bathroom throne

Custom commode coverings are one way to dress up the water closet. Designed with figured woods and inlay work in Tiger maple, Birdseye maple, burls, cherry and mahogany, the throne is suitable for theme restaurants or other locations that require unusual treatment.

The Throne Room.

Reader Service No. 303

Extra protection

Composed of multiple sheets of laminated glass and fire-rated for up to two hours, this impact safety-rated, transparent wall panel helps block the transfer of radiant and conductive heat emanating from fires in applications such as stairwells, elevator lobbies and atria.

Technical Glass Products.

Reader Service No. 378

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