Old carpet made new

March 01, 2009 |



Carpet contains post-consumer yarn made mostly from nylon reclaimed from competitors' products. Zip Stitch's backing contains 10% post-consumer recycled content. Hemp is spun with recycled nylon to create a plush, wool-like aesthetic and texture.

Applications: Hospitality, corporate, retail, and entertainment venues

Availability: Available for specific orders, depending on yardage required for project; commercial launch later this year

Cost: Broadloom: mid-$20 range per square yard; carpet tile: mid-$30's per square yard

Contents: Type 6,6 nylon made from reclaimed carpet and Type 6,6 nylon that includes a nylon/hemp/flax blend

Options/Sizes: Available in 12-foot by 6-inch broadloom tiles and 18x18-inch carpet tiles

Environmental attributes: Contains 40% recycled yarn; backing contains 10% post-consumer recycled content

Contact: Bentley Prince Street, www.bentleyprincestreet.com

Input 211 at BDCnetwork.com/quickResponse

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