New Products - Windows June 2002

June 01, 2002 |




Solarban 80 coating can be reflective or transparent, depending on lighting conditions. Can have a reflective satin finish in bright light, or a transparent steel jade appearance in shade. Balances visible light transmittance and solar control.

PPG IndustriesReader Service No. 201


Amiran anti-reflective glass gives occupants of new skyboxes at the University of Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium a clear view of action on the football field. Reduces light reflection to as little as 1 percent, compared to 8 percent for normal window glass. The product also is ideal for storefront, gallery and museum applications.

Schott Corporation Reader Service No. 202


The Merit Window System is designed for durability and performance. Offered in fixed, project-in, project-out, casement swing-out and casement swing-in options. Features 2-in. frame and sash depths.

Vistawall Architectural ProductsReader Service No. 203


All-steel High Volume Transaction window has the durability to handle applications such as security and ticket booths and information kiosks. Larger slide window provides both a full opening, while a smaller window is designed for use during inclement weather.

B.I.G. EnterprisesReader Service No. 204


BlastGARD glass fragmentation film is adhered to the interior side of glass to make it stronger and virtually impenetrable to small ballistic attacks. Helps to hold glass fragments together, preventing injuries from glass shards. Exceeds all current applicable GSA standards.

ShatterGARD Window Protection FilmsReader Service No,205


Structural strength, performance and quality features were key factors in the selection of Series 3460 single-hung thermal windows for a replacement project at Griesedeck Hall at St. Louis University.

EFCO CorporationReader Service No. 206


Series 2250 fixed and projected windows withstand wind pressures up to 65 psf at Chicago’s 67-story Park Tower. They were incorporated into a 41/2-in. deep master frame. The system was designed with custom, “rock on” sill reflectors and adjustable strap anchors.


Window and Wall SystemsReader Service No. 207


A line of commercial windows and doors made from fiberglass pultrusions has been introduced. The products are designed for multi-unit residential and commercial buildings in seacoast locations where metal is subject to corrosion.

Graham Architectural Products Reader Service No. 208


The Sivona Motorized Window Shade System offers new keypads in designer colors with a glossy finish that enables a harmonious look to be created throughout an area. A three-button control provides group control of up to three AC motors.

Lutron ElectronicsReader Service No. 209


Woodlite Vision Frames make it easy to incorporate a window into a commercial wood door while retaining a fire rating. They are listed by UL and WHI for use on fire doors with ratings from 20 minutes to 90 minutes. The frames are Available in a variety of wood veneers.

Air Louvers Inc.Reader Service No. 210


The TR-6300 Horizontal Sliding Thermal Aluminum Window has a unique “XX” standard double slide configuration. Designed to meet the stringent requirements of high-rise applications with large window openings, it has a 4-in.-deep frame and 1- in. insulating glass.

TRACOReader Service No. 211


The PUENTE Learning Center in East Los Angeles incorporates a Kalwall Translucent Curtainwall/Window System that provides sufficient task lighting to eliminate the need for artificial lighting during the day. Its diffuse light properties transform sunshine and glare into usable natural daylight.

Kalwall CorporationReader Service No. 212


Marvin Windows clad products offer a durable, low maintenance exterior for a window that will last. They feature extruded aluminum on both sash and frame, and a finish that exceeds the industry’s toughest specification, AAMA 2605-98.

Marvin Windows and Doors Reader Service No. 213


Scotchshield safety and security window films mitigate damage caused by explosions, earthquakes and hurricanes. Also minimizes injuries to humans from flying glass, a major cause of disaster-related injuries and deaths. A free demonstration CD outlines the results of testing by independent laboratories.

3MReader Service No. 214


An addition to the Vanceva Design brand, the Metallic Series combines a special metallic interlayer with 10 color hues to produce a jewel-like brilliant color or softer shades. This gives the glass an almost fabric-like appearance. Textures include Linen, Honeycomb and Sandstone. Various colors can be combined to create up to 62 different colors.

SolutiaReader Service No. 215 (electronic).


Although clear wave and clear frosted wave acrylic blocks remain the most popular, the recently introduced green block outsells other colors. Five-foot square picture windows provide bathrooms with both privacy and light.

Hy-Lite ProductsReader Service No. 216


Extra sound insulation was required by

the Collingswood Manor (N.J.) nursing home to reduce the noise from passing trains. REHAU designed a triple-track unit that accepts a traditional storm window, creating another glass barrier and a sound-deadening air space.

REHAU Inc.Reader Service No. 217


The Precision Double-Hung Window provides an improved appearance through the virtual elimination of the vinyl jamb liner. Made from Western pine, the windows are available in a number of standard and custom sizes and shapes.

Pozzi Window Co.Reader Service No. 218


The CVW 3700 and VW 3700 comprise a new series that consists of concealed and conventional project-out vent windows. Each model features frame joints that are coped, double screw fastened and sealed with small joint sealer. Both include optional adapters that allow them to be installed without the use of screws.

Tubelite Inc.Reader Service No. 219


The Florida Chapter of the American Institute of Architects has installed WinGuard Impact-Resistant Windows in its headquarters building in Tallahassee. With the new Florida Building Code in place, the installation sets an example for architects responsible for making recommendations for code compliance.

PGTReader Service No. 220


Weight and Pulley double-hung windows feature Ogee lugs or sash blocks that simulate units of an earlier era. A pulley system incorporating brass chains and alloyed weights creates a balance between sash and weights that results in easy operation.

Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co.Reader Service No. 221

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