Modular method gets facility up in a hurry

July 01, 2008 |

DaVita Inc. decided the growing region around LaGrange, Ky., northeast of Louisville, would be an ideal opportunity to expand its network of facilities. But DaVita knew the unpredictable Kentucky weather could complicate construction, and they decided to take advantage of modular building construction techniques to get the building up as quickly as possible.

DaVita commissioned MedBuild, a division of Modular Space Corp., to construct the center. MedBuild developed DaVita's original plans into individual components, which were constructed apart from the site and shipped in for assembly by crane. The project was completed in about 120 days.

Jim Gabriel, business development manager for MedBuild, said modular building can take advantage of the same building materials as conventional construction, but added that “unlike conventional construction, site work such as excavation, grading, foundations, and utility service can occur at the same time that modular construction is taking place in an environmentally controlled factory, permitting quicker occupancy to begin servicing patients.”

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