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Lighthouse Lives On

Faced with constant pounding from 30-foot-high waves off the southeast mouth of Pleasant Bay, near Addison, Maine, the white brick exterior of the 132-year-old, 36-foot-tall Nash Island Light had seen its better days. During a recent renovation, the Maine Historic Preservation Commission searched for a coating that could withstand the harsh conditions (its previous coating had eroded in less than two years). The commission specified Silin Masonry Paint, a silica-based coating that bonds chemically with old or new masonry, blocking the penetration of water and minerals. Developed specifically for the maintenance and restoration of historic masonry structures, Silin also permits the release of water vapor that accumulates inside the masonry, reducing spalling and other structural failures.

Cathedral Stone Products.

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Looking Up

High-intensity discharge in-ground floodlights feature a novel aiming mechanism that allows facility managers to tilt and rotate the lamp without opening the fixture, using a screwdriver. Monaco 6000 series is available with aluminum, stainless steel, and brass trim ring finishes.

Cooper Lighting.

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Structural Deck

Structural roof deck system is composed of 16- to 22-gauge steel decking and 1.5- to 4-in.-thick polyisocyanurate foam insulation, topped by an oriented strand board nailing surface. For protection against moisture intrusion, a self-stick modified-bitumen base sheet can be applied over the deck. An acoustical metal deck section is also available for acoustically sensitive applications.

Martin Fireproofing.

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Steel House of Worship

A 34,700-sf pre-engineered steel frame forms the new clearspan sanctuary for the Community Pentacostal Church in Oshawa, Ontario. Topped with a blue metal roof and a 100-foot-high steeple, the expansion consists of two stories of office and classroom space adjoining the new sanctuary.

Robertson Building Systems.

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Steel Joist Guide

Designing with steel joists and joist girders can create economical structures. Even greater economy can be attained when joist girders are combined with rigid frame design. Guide provides helpful information for designing with the joist girder/rigid frame concept.

Steel Joist Institute.

Reader Service No. 216

Out of Sight

Metal wall system features a concealed fastener panel that provides uninterrupted vertical lines. While the fasteners are concealed from sight, Stran-Lok panels may be installed from the exterior, reducing installation time. Interior can be finished with drywall attached directly to Stran-Lok panels. Embossed panel profile has a 1¼×5-in. recess that adds strength and results in dramatic shadow effects. Available in panel lengths up to 30 feet.

VP Buildings.

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Riverfront Revival

Located in the emerging riverfront area of downtown Louisville, Ky., the 89,000-sf Preston Pointe mixed-use building is clad with a pressure-equalized rainscreen stainless-steel wall panel system. Local architect Henry Potter specified Dri-Design panels because they evoke the "kinetic energy" along the resurrected riverfront.


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Rugged Bond

Epoxy flooring system is formulated to bond to concrete substrates that are contaminated with petroleum oil, grease, or vegetable oil. Floor-Nu DTO is a two-component primer with an accompanying epoxy top coat, which can be roller or brush applied to contaminated concrete and steel. The coating goes on thick to resist "stain-through" as well as oil, tar, and asphalt, according to the maker.

Steelcote Manufacturing.

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Wall Panels That Perform

More than 29,000 sf of polyurethane foam insulated panels finished with a white Kynar exterior wrap the new Terrell (Texas) Performing Arts Center, providing a clean, contemporary façade for the facility. To reduce costs, local installer Now Specialities specified flat panels over curved units for the building's front elevation. The panels were segmented to retain the "gentle curve that was desired," said Brad Wellhouse of Now Specialities.


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Moisture Mitigation

Water and moisture intrusion was the top concern for the Building Team during construction of twin, 120,000-sf, six-story condominium towers in Hilton Head Island, S.C. "With condos near the ocean, it is important to get the buildings dried in fast," said Tony Isbell, superintendent with general contractor Fraser Construction. The team specified Sto Guard fluid-applied air and moisture barrier instead of traditional felt and paper products for its reliability, competitive pricing, and ease of installation.


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