October 01, 2004 |

Metal Roof

Metal roofing panel is ideal for use in barreled entrances, canopies, and curved dormer applications, as it is formed in widths of 12–20 inches with a choice of standard or concave radius. The Radius T-Panel is available in 24 gauge steel, .032 aluminum, or 16 oz. copper.

Metal Roofing Systems Inc.

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Mold-Fighting Steel

Flat-rolled stainless and carbon steels are coated with AgION Antimicrobial compound to suppress the growth of a broad array of destructive microbes, such as bacteria, molds, and fungi. Applications include mechanical ductwork, diffusers, wall panels, doors, towel dispensers, escalators, and elevators. Sheets are available up to 60 inches wide in gauges from .018 inches to .060 inches. Products are also available up to 48 inches wide in gauges from .060 inches to .075 inches. Clear, tinted, and pigmented coatings are available.

AK Coatings.

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Lighting Controls Save Bread

To save energy the Panera Bread retail chain installed lighting control panels, occupancy sensors, and photocells in select stores. The Smartwired Lighting Control Panel allowed the stores to save energy on a flexible schedule. With push-button programming and preprogrammed control scenarios, store managers are able to use and change settings. Astronomic scheduling through the panel's clock predicts sunrise and sunset times and turns lights on and off accordingly. Occupancy sensors were installed to keep lights off during times of vacancy. WT-600 ultrasonic sensors control lights in restrooms, detecting motion through restroom stalls.

The Watt Stopper Inc.

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Up the Wall

Wall carpet, available in 51 colors, is a blend of natural goat hair, nylon, and viscose. Rated Class A for resistance to flame and smoke, Tretford wall carpet muffles sound and reduces operating costs by protecting walls. Tretford floor carpet is offered in matching colors and texture. In 32 colors.


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Heavy-Duty Liner

Round duct liner system replaces expensive perforated sheet metal, reducing uncertainty about cost and supply. The Spiracoustic Plus system delivers consistent temperature and acoustical control.

Johns Manville.

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