August 01, 2004 |

Animal Elevator

The Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital in Wheat Ridge, Colo., installed a two-stop EcoSpace Elevator to its two-story, 12,000-sf building, as part of its basement remodeling project. Architects designed the surgery and radiology suites as well as a CAT scan for the basement, so the elevator helps transport patients from surgery to first-floor recovery area. All control and logic systems are inside the gearless traction elevator's hoist way. No machine room required. Hoisting ropes are controlled by a microprocessor-based VVVF system, which, according to the manufacturer, means 50 to 75% less vibration than a hydraulic elevator.


Reader Service No. 300


Electronic faucets are available in four models, are ADA compliant, and are designed to meet high-volume demands, reduced maintenance time, and lower costs. Equipped with two automatic, adjustable shutoff sensors, FreeHand faucets control water flow for maximum water and energy savings. Ideal for washrooms, locker rooms, and other public lavatories, the faucets are made from vandal-resistant brass and water-resistant. Low-profile electronic enclosures are standard features.


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Solid as a Rock

Emergency light made from die-cast aluminum with a vandal-resistant polycarbonate shield to provide maximum performance against rain, moisture, cold, corrosives, and dust in the most severe environments. The Uel Nema 4X emergency light is secure with four torx head tamperproof screws with center-pin reject providing additional vandal-proof security. The series is available in silver, black, or white and is best for food processing facilities, outdoor parking garages, and walk-in freezers.

Sure-Lites/Cooper Lighting.

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Door to the Outside

Wood doors available with 20- to 90-minute fire ratings meet code requirements for commercial buildings and can be custom-built with specific fire ratings, allowing designers to match project specifications. The stain-grade wood doors come in 12 wood species and unlimited sizing options. The doors can be specified to create split finishes, combining stain-grade wood on one side with paint-grade wood on the other.

TruStile Doors.

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The Joy of Reading

The Seattle Public Library houses custom-built shelving including stationary cantilever bookshelves in its main lobby, featuring acrylic tops and end panels, with several bookshelves fanned out at skewed angles. In the Friends of the Library shop, the mobile shelving system allows the shop to close up and lock down easily. The book spiral at the center of the library allows library patrons to flow from the sixth to the ninth floor while viewing a collection of books and the Seattle skyline. Powered mobile systems maximize shelving capacity and allow space for the library's book collection to grow into the millions.


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I See the Light

New family of transparent, solar-control glazing sheets reduces solar transmission while offering high levels of light transmission, saving on energy costs for cooling and lighting buildings. The Lexan Exell multi-wall product and the Lexan Thermoclear Solar Control IR sheet are ideal for roof domes, skylights, walkways, conservatories, and other building applications where high levels of light, but not excess heat, are needed. Lexan sheets are transparent with a green tint, which blocks near-infrared heat but lets in high levels of light. According to the maker, the Lexan sheet can reduce interior heat buildup by 40% for lower energy usage, while increasing light transmission by as much as 60% compared to other glazing products.

GE Advanced Materials.

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