Long-term floor care for Huntsville hospital

August 01, 2008 |

Huntsville (Ala.) Hospital, one of the largest locally owned nonprofit hospitals in the nation, with 881 acute-care beds, had experienced problems with its vinyl tile flooring throughout its facility, especially in the ERs. The areas that required the most design modifications were the floors, but repairing cracked, stained, and damaged vinyl would involve shutting down much needed round-the-clock areas.

Local architect Chapman Sisson Architects renovated the 45,000-sf facility with Stonhard's Stonblend RTZ, a resinous floor that combines the ergonomics and acoustic qualities of vinyl and rubber with the adhesion, durability, and wear properties of epoxy terrazzo.

An integral coving material was troweled along the floor bases and up onto walls for a sanitary, low-maintenance system. There are no seams or joints to crack, so no waxing is required for a cleaning routine. And if the floors are cleaned properly, Betadine—an antiseptic chemical that's used in most healthcare facilities—will not leave its typical yellowish-brown stains. The floor will remain ergonomic for staff members who have to stand for many hours, and it will muffle the sounds from voices, wheeled carts, and visitors. An additional 25,000 sf of the old ER and trauma center is currently under renovation with Stonhard RTZ.


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