Lightfair Preview

April 01, 2002 |

Durable illumination

Lighting fixtures for walkways and entrances where durability is important have a one-piece hydroformed reflector with an anodized finish. The integral flutes direct light as well as heat away from the envelope, thereby increasing lamp life and fixture efficiency. With a glare-free acrylic lens and optional polycarbonate lens with UV inhibitive coating, illumination is easy on the eyes. Its cast aluminum base is built with two level vials to ensure proper fixture alignment and easy installation. Booth #2202

Cooper Lighting.

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Space saver

Diminutive lamp that fits smaller fixtures than before saves up to 80 percent in energy compared with similar lumen output incandescent lamps. The Mini Twist Dulux El lamp has a 6,000- to 10,000-hour average rated lamp life, a CRI of 82 and two choices of color temperatures as well. Booth #1602

Osram Sylvania.

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Let there be light

Lighting at the Herz Jesu Kirche (Heart of Jesus Church) in Munich, Germany, incorporates PAR56 lamps. Each layer of light is controlled by a 20-zone preset dimming system. Both low-voltage and line-voltage lamps were used to illuminate the worship space. All fixtures were concealed and recessed in the ceiling to reduce glare and improve appearance. The church received the 2000 GE Edison Award for the unusual lighting application. Booth #502

GE Lighting.

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Taking the heat

Compact fluorescent lamp with a patented Air Gap and advanced Amalgam Technology provide longer life in hot locations, higher lumen maintenance and consistent color. The technology cools the lamp by isolating the ballast from the heat-generating center of the lamp, allowing cool air to circulate around the ballast, thereby enabling it to operate with a wider tolerance for heat. As a result, tolerances can reach 300 F. Booth #202


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Energy savings

Uni-Form Pulse Start 875-watt metal halide system saves energy over a traditional 1,000-watt metal halide system. With 80,500 mean lumens, this lamp gives 12,200 more mean lumens and saves up to 157 system watts more than the standard 1,000-watt lamp for energy savings. Booth #1938

Venture Lighting.

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Online control

System that reduces lighting circuit power enables commercial, industrial, retail and institutional users to control, monitor and verify facility lighting energy use and adjust and reconfigure system settings and light levels via the Internet. The PowerGate's electronic, capacitor-based hardware and software provides the capability to reduce energy use and lighting operational costs by up to 50 percent with HID and electronic fluorescent systems. Booth #1142


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Low profile ballast

Low profile, high performance ballast for frequently switched applications can also be used for current rapid start applications. By combining the latest in technology and packaging, AccuStart HP ballast line has a small cross section for reduced fixture size and improved operating efficiency. Booth #716

Universal Lighting Technologies.

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Ballast blast

Ballast for new 32-watt triple tube compact fluorescent lamps offers flicker-free dimming from 5 to 100 percent light, meaning that just the different light levels can be selected within a single room. The Hi-lume Compact SE is an ultrathin, 1-in.-high profile ballast that is best for decorative wall sconces. Utilizing high-frequency electronics, these ballasts save electricity as lamps are dimmed, making them an alternative to incandescent downlights in meeting rooms, lobbies and health-care facilities. Booth #1220

Lutron Electronics Co.

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Standby lighting

Energy-saving lighting system offers security by providing standby light levels until normal lighting is turned on as an area is occupied. During standby mode, energy consumption may be as low as 7 watts with light levels as low as 5 percent so building occupants aren't left in the dark. By not fully lighting seldom-used areas, the Occu-Smart Lighting system provides substantial energy savings without compromising safety.

Booth #2830

Lamar Lighting.

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Flood the view

Indoor floodlight for retail display applications has an easy-to-grip shape, making light changes effortless. The Halogena Spotlight and Floodlight lasts 50 percent longer than standard incandescent models and offers energy savings as well. Available in a 60-watt incandescent and producing a light equivalent to a 65-watt incandescent, the light also has an output of 700 lumens. Booth #1020

Philips Lighting Co.

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Light track

Compact fluorescent track heads are ideal for commercial applications such as supermarkets and other stores. As an energy-efficient alternative to incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lighting consumes as little as one-fifth the power and lasts up to 13 times longer. The units are offered in five different wattages and are adaptable to four different track systems. They are designed for use with most major brands in retrofit projects and offered in either white or black finishes. Booth #2618

WAC Lighting.

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