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October 01, 2002 |

This way out

Exit sign features energy-efficient LED technology and uniform illumination and brightness. The Sure-Lites CX LED Die-Cast Aluminum Exit Series has a self-diagnostic system for maintenance savings. It indicates the status of the sign at all times using an LED indicator near the test switch on the side of the unit. Also, a 90-minute battery power simulation test occurs randomly once every six months.

Cooper Lighting. Reader Service No. 303

See through walls

Semi-transparent interior glazing wall system utilizes the diffusion of light to provide privacy, while enhancing the appearance of the interior environment. Profilit walls can be curved, and provide adequate sound insulation. Options include color, texture, and light diffusion levels.

Pilkington. Reader Service No. 309

Pattern perfect

Contoured wall base with patterns that emulate wood, stone and metal has good wear-resistance and low life-cycle costs, and provides easy installation. The Wall Art wall base line features an impregnated pattern, not a laminate, as well as pre-manufactured inside and outside corners. Available in 10 patterns.

Johnsonite. Reader Service No. 312

Turn up the heat

The Sony Style Stores of New York, San Francisco and Chicago needed "high touch" consumer testing fixtures for their recent renovation. Round fixtures that are thermoformed (shaped using heat) were chosen because of their durability and stylish appearance. Many fixtures feature a Corain Bas-Relief surface, a proprietary new technology that allows the material to be textured in a wide array of designs. Corain surfaces can be used in a variety of other applications as well, including wall cladding, ceilings, room partitions, bar tops and bases, elevators, and counter fronts.

DuPont. Reader Service No. 306

Sprayed metal

Metal finish contains more than 95% real metal and is cold-spray applied to the surface of the elegant hardwood mouldings and trim pieces. Since actual metal is applied to the surface, the Mon Reale finish will age and weather just like the metal it depicts, says the manufacturer. The finish comes with a standard, lacquered coating that seals the metal finish onto the wood and retards the normal aging and weathering process. A natural, unlacquered version that allows the product to age naturally is also available.

Metallon. Reader Service No. 304

Dressed up and away

Foil-faced laminate dresses up walls, doors, countertops, and even the faces of cabinet doors, drawers and appliances. Metalaminates features a metal surface with a laminate backing so it can be wrapped or post-formed around a variety of surfaces. It comes in nine finishes, including pearl, marine and champagne.

Wilsonart International. Reader Service No. 305

Plastic walls

Thermalfused melamine panels come in 56 different varieties and are highly resistant to moisture, stain, soiling and scuffing, with durability and wear resistance characteristics. MelaFace panels are thermalfused under intense heat and pressure to permanently bond the resin-saturated paper to the substrate. This makes the panels ideal for applications such as store fixtures and displays, offices, and closet storage systems.

Nevamar. Reader Service No. 302

Architectural glazing adds chic

New York's Henry Hudson Hotel specified colored, laminated glass to accentuate its cosmopolitan chic look. Vanceva Color custom color laminated glass offers 10 colored interlayers, which can be used alone or in combinations of up to four layers, producing more than 800 transparent and translucent colors. The hotel used this laminated glass to connect the hotel's main entrance to the lobby. The 5-ft.-by-10-ft. glazing panels use a variety of Vanceva Color interlayers to achieve the unique color.

Solutia. Reader Service No. 307

Glow in the dark

Exit sign is made of a glow-in-the-dark compound that is nontoxic and needs no electricity to operate. The Glo-Brite Exit Sign absorbs all ambient ultra-violet and fluorescent light and is immediately visible in blackout or smoky conditions. It is produced in a thin gauge film, so it can be placed nearly anywhere.

Jessup Manufacturing Co. Reader Service No. 310

Sprayed clear

Paint spray for gypsum paneled walls and ceilings is latex-based and hides minor surface defects, minimizing decorating problems like banding and photographing. Tuff-Hide spray is best for critical light areas, or in lieu of the skim coat and priming steps required to achieve a level 5 gypsum board finish. When used on ceilings, it may be left unpainted for a flat, white finish.

USG Corp. Reader Service No. 300

Portable walls

Moveable partitions with acoustical control accommodate a wide variety of floor conditions and are available in paired panels, single panels, and continuously-hinged panels. Visual display boards, windows and pocket doors are available accessories. Applications include convention centers, offices, restaurants, schools, and hotels.

Modernfold. Reader Service No. 311

Move over

Full height moveable wall with acoustic properties has an optional flush-mounted, double-glazing feature that provides a sophisticated visual effect. The Genius Full Height Movable Wall offers glass-enclosed mini blinds and a variety of door glazing and finish options.

KI. Reader Service No. 308

Color clean

Interior and exterior color palette of more than 1,000 hues, including 70 shades of gray neutrals, has newly engineered bases and colorants. Fade-resistant formulas keep colors more true over time, says the manufacturer.

Sherwin-Williams. Reader Service No. 301

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