Integrated wall system provides energy efficiency and moisture management in a single panel

December 01, 2008 |

Developed specifically for steel-stud commercial buildings, integrated wall system features continuous exterior insulation, a water-resistive layer, and an air barrier in a single panel, providing an energy-efficient, moisture-managed wall solution with fewer materials and installation steps. The Thermax wall system provides a continuous thermal barrier that insulates both the wall cavity and steel studs, which transfer heat 10 times faster than wood studs, and moves the dew point from within the wall cavity to the exterior where it belongs. Finished with spray foam on the interior wall cavity, the system blocks air infiltration and meets fire code. Fewer and lighter-weight materials and fewer trips around the building save on time and labor, while high system R-value (R-9 to R-24) may contribute to LEED credits.


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