Heavy-duty flooring

November 01, 2007 |

Flooring system provides a flexible, water-, and air-tight surface with good wearability on new or existing concrete floors. Suitable for industrial, institutional, and commercial environments, the Merflex system combines Valspar’s Valflex flexible epoxy membrane with the seamless wear protection of a Valspar epoxy or chemical-resistant urethane topcoat. Because they incorporate elastomer technology instead of plasticizers or other additives found in lesser-quality flooring systems, Merflex floors maintain their original adhesion, elongation, and flexibility longer. Merflex is recommended for mechanical equipment rooms, clean rooms, high-tech industrial floors, and areas requiring electrometric water protection that experience heavy foot traffic. An optional slip-resistant surface is available for wet work areas, along with optional fiberglass reinforcement for added tensile strength.

Valspar Flooring

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