Green urban space

August 01, 2008 |

With so little greenery available in urban areas, the owner of Bookmen Stacks, a new 10-story residential loft development in downtown Minneapolis, wanted to provide a beautiful rooftop area for residents. However, the outdoor space had to conform to both space constraints and local ordinances. Design firm Osland and Associates presented the owner's design dilemma to Rehbein Environmental Solutions International, an environmental service firm in Minneapolis.

To create a space-efficient green area, Rehbein installed an 8,750-sf Muellner Green Roof System with built-in reflex mesh elements that allow for foot traffic while preventing damage to the grass.

The Muellner system provides an efficient storm water management tool while reducing the weight of the traditional 12-inch sand profile by more than 40%. The grass serves as a functional roof covering, provides insulation for the building, extends the life of the roof, increases oxygen production, and reduces carbon dioxide.

Rehbein also installed an Environmental Integrated Chamber (EPIC) System for efficient sub-surface irrigation. The system harvests water from adjacent parking areas, stores it in a 10,000-gallon tank, and helps save more than 50% in typical water usage.

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