June 01, 2005 |

Rubber, A Sound Decision

Eastlake High School in Washington State needed carpet-like sound absorption to quiet the din created in its two atrium-style-ceiling corridors. Yet the school also required the durability of fixed flooring. ECOsurfaces was chosen by flooring contractor Mike Rex of DuPont flooring systems. Made from rubber, ECOsurfaces' resilient flooring compounds lost less than 1 gram per 1,000 revolutions in the Taber abrasion test. The rubber surface provides a shock-absorbent, slip-resistant floor while still absorbing as much sound as carpet. More than 22,000 sf were covered in ECOsurfaces, which is composed of 100% post-consumer tire rubber and may contribute toward LEED certification recycling requirements.

ECOsurfaces. Reader Service No. 301

Hospital Remedy

From outpatient services to long-term care, Remedy Health Floor sheet vinyl is designed to enhance necessary infection control in healthcare facilities while offering patients and employees an inviting and comfortable setting. With a PSI rating of 2,500 pounds, the surface is durable enough to stand up to high traffic and heavy loads, yet also designed to be aesthetically pleasing and slip-resistant.

Parterre. Reader Service No. 305

Vinyl Flooring Fits to a T

Solid vinyl is flexible enough to conform to any sub-flooring irregularities and adjust to expansion and contraction issues. It can also be dry-buffed to eliminate the need for floor finishing. Tarkett's Tritonite wear layer uses ceramic technology for resistance to abrasions, scuffs, and scrapes. The Milano and Cortina Grande collections offer a wide range of colors and slip-resistant options.

Tarkett. Reader Service No. 303

Not Just an Institutional Look

Rubber flooring is available in a greater array of styles and colors than ever before. Johnsonite launched five new textures this year: Bamboo, Chopped Bamboo, Pebbles, Artistic Square, and Cubis. Known for having an only institutional look, today's decorative rubber surfaces are being used more in retail and other high-traffic environments. Cubis was used to cover 400 sf of a bowling alley in the Sony Metrion Moscone Center in San Francisco. To give the business a more aesthetically pleasing surface, designer Steve St. Denny chose Cubis to create a stamped-concrete look near the lanes.

Johnsonite. Reader Service No. 302

No, It's Not Wood

Armstrong's Natural Creations vinyl tile emulates the look of hardwood for specialty and retail environments that take too much traffic for actual wood. The line combines the look of 22 different species of traditional, rustic, and exotic types of wood with the durability of resilient vinyl. High-traffic environments get a 20-mm solid vinyl wear layer for abrasion resistance and ease of maintenance.

Armstrong. Reader Service No. 304

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