Exposed concrete floors are glossy and green

March 17, 2011 |

The more than 50,000 sf of glossy exposed concrete floors inside the Operations Center of the Eugene (Ore.) Water & Electric Board were created with products from Lythic Solutions. Owners wanted the exposed concrete floors inside the LEED-Gold building to be glossy, durable, stain resistant, and environmentally friendly, so they nixed the use of magnesium flurosilicate hardener due to concerns that the extensive flushing it requires might contaminate the building’s eco-friendly septic system. Instead the finished floors, which are in the building’s offices, common areas, and even its vehicle service bays and workshops, have a Lythic Densifier with colloidal silica, which doesn’t require flushing, and a top layer of Lythic SDP Protector. The material, which was installed for less than $1 per sf, won’t peel and is resistant to etching by muriatic acid and staining by oil for up to 24 hours after exposure, according to the company.

Lythic Solutions

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