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August 01, 2005 |

A Brand New Way to Navigate

Create customized maps of development zones and property locations by choosing the center of the map with the Rand McNally CustomView Wall Maps system. These street detail wall maps can be created and ordered through the online custom mapmaking tool at http://customview.randmcnally.com/cvm. Maps range from $99 to $249 depending on size, and are printed with fade-resistant UV inks within two business days.

Rand McNally.

Reader Service No. 201

The Lotus Effect

New to the North American market, Lotusan exterior coating mirrors the natural behavior of a lotus plant as hydrophobic qualities let dirt glide off the surface along with water. This "self-cleaning" property creates an exterior wall that is highly resistant to dirt, mold, mildew, and algae. Studies show that after three years, the level of germs on a surface coated with Lotusan was 90% lower than that of a surface coated with a conventional paint product. Available in 38 standard colors plus custom options.


Reader Service No. 218

Recessed Radiance

New line of fluorescent Indy brand downlights and wallwashers designed for maximum light output with minimal glare. Uses reduced light output at higher viewing angles and a satin-finish cone to enhance architectural details of interiors.

Juno Lighting Group.

Reader Service No. 207

Decorative Wall Panel

Fiberglass-reinforced plastic wall and ceiling panels are available in three lightly textured finishes—sandstone, linen, and cedar—and in nine pastel and earth tone colors. Varietex provides a decorative yet durable finish "front of the house" applications.

Kemlite Company Inc.

Reader Service No. 213

Anchor System

After analyzing the loadings and reactions at a window placement site, Blast Window Retention Anchor Systems are customized to reinforce the space. Made with a steel bar enclosed in a mesh fabric sleeve, the system is inserted into the masonry and anchored into to the frames with a nonpolymer grout. Wet-diamond drilling techniques are used to eliminate water damage during the process.


Reader Service No. 205

One Tough Bubbler

Stainless-steel drinking fountain uses a vandal-proof design and is built for heavy-use environments. The 14-gauge Slimline fountain incorporates a larger contour-formed basin that reduces spray. Automatic stream is front-adjustable from 20 to 105 psi.


Reader Service No. 211

Storm Windows

Prolift Channel Glass System is approved for use in hurricane zones. Laminating polycarbonate to the inside of the channel surface increased the impact performance of the system during testing in Florida. Glass fractured but did not shatter upon impact.


Reader Service No. 204

Light Up A Path or Patio

SensiTile uses external light sources and conducting technology found in fiber optics to create a surface material that reacts to changes in light intensity and colors. Available with acrylic polymer, concrete, and resin substrates. Applications include exterior surfaces, swimming pools, interior countertops, flooring, and walls.

SensiTile Systems.

Reader Service No. 228

Cool Shades

SuperPersianas window fixtures can roll vertically and tilt horizontally, giving them the ability to block 85% of the sun's radiant energy. Remote-controlled fixtures are now available, and can be programmed to follow the path of the sun during the day. Also provide thermal insulation, privacy, security, and noise reduction.


Reader Service No. 209

Scenery and Security

Terra Swing Series of terrace doors combines the scenery of terrace views with the security of its multipoint locking options. Accommodates glass thickness up to 1½ inches and is offered in 3¼-inch and 4½-inch framing depths. Handles are solid brass; anodized and organic PVDF paint finishes are available for the doors.

Moduline Window Systems.

Reader Service No. 203

Sustainable Carpets

Sustainable carpets from the Viso Collection contain 51.8% recycled and renewable content by weight, 20% of which is post-consumer recycled content and 12.4% is rapidly renewable bio-based resin. Available in three designs and 12 colors.


Reader Service No. 212

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