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June 01, 2006 |

Let There be Evenly Distributed Light

Luxxtra FL indirect compact fluorescent lighting fixtures offer energy-efficient performance for virtually any commercial, institutional, or light industrial environment. Illumination can be specified in uplight-only, downlight-only, or a combination of uplight and downlight. Illumination levels mimic metal halide lamps, but provide 40% greater operating efficiency, according to Luxxtra. A conical lens reduces glare while internal linear prisms assure broad, even light distribution. Lam Lighting Input No. 221 at www.bdcnetwork.com/rapidresponse

Recyclable Chairs that Aren't Wicker

Bonding of non-woven polyethylene terepthalate (PET) fiber and a 100% recycled polyester fabric creates a structural shell that's entirely recyclable for Metro's Poly family of office seating. When assembled with the base the lounge, ottoman, and side and swivel chairs are composed of more than 25% recycled content by weight, and each component can be completely recycled at its end of use through the Steelcase Environmental Partnership Program. Metropolitan Furniture Corporation by Steelcase Input No. 225 at www.bdcnetwork.com/rapidresponse

Artsy Floor Creates Illusion of Space

Cubis—a new texture in Johnsonite's Roundel rubber flooring line—creates illusions of depth as its geometric progressions become increasingly multilayered. Cubis is available in more than 70 solid rubber colors, and it can be special ordered in customizable patterns. It's available in 24 X 24 inches; 1/8-inch-thick rubber tile, and in the company's stair tread portfolio. Johnsonite Input No. 223 at www.bdcnetwork.com/rapidresponse

Energy-Saving Roof

Sharp Electronics' ND-62RU1 62-watt solar roof modules are designed to help conserve energy and save on utility bills. An anti-reflective coating increases the absorption of light under low-light conditions. The panels lie nearly flat on rooftops and interlock with standard roof tiles for a smooth look, and screw directly onto the existing roof battens. Sharp Electronics Corporation Input No. 222 at www.bdcnetwork.com/rapidresponse

Change Light Bulbs Without Ladders

Recessed downlights, a new addition in the Ladderless product line, allow lights to be installed in high ceilings without the hassle of using a ladder to change a burnt-out bulb. By using a pole-mounted tool, the light's subassembly of a lamp, ballast, and reflector can be removed while your feet remain firmly planted on the ground. Accessmount LLC Input No. 219 at www.bdcnetwork.com/rapidresponse

Got Multiple Monitors? Support Them

The SteadyArm multiple monitor mount series offers the flexibility to support from two to six monitors. Constructed from steel and die-cast aluminum, SteadyArm offers a wide range of configurations. Eight separate models are available with three different mounting options. Users needing in excess of six monitor displays can use multiple SteadyArm supports. Dual-wing designs support displays up to 18 lb and 21 inches wide, while triple-wing designs support displays up to 19 inches in width. All configurations feature standard 75 and 100mm mounting brackets that are fully compliant with the Video Electronics Standards Association. Workrite Ergonomics Input No. 229 at www.bdcnetwork.com/rapidresponse

Trick Bricks

Rough, worn edges combined with a body of various thicknesses, sizes, and textures mean no two veneer bricks in the Eldorado Brick line are the same. Four styles of brick are manufactured in 14 different colors using the same mold techniques as Eldorado Stone, which casts molds from samples of thousands of hand-selected natural stones. Accents and accessories are also available to enhance the believability of the veneer bricks when installed. Eldorado Stone Input No. 224 at www.bdcnetwork.com/rapidresponse

I-BEAM Runs Clean, Steady, and Cool

I-BEAM fluorescent high lighting bays deliver significant energy savings over 400-watt metal halide fixtures while using advanced optical control to maintain designed light levels for the life of the system. I-BEAM is the first T5HO fluorescent high bay that is UL/C-UL listed to operate in environments up to 65 degrees Celsius. The system includes a three-year ballast warranty up to 65 degrees and features an industry-leading, five-year ballast warranty up to 55 degrees. Lithonia Lighting Input No. 227 at www.bdcnetwork.com/rapidresponse

Light up Your Space

LightCast acrylic panels are made of a plastic that is stronger than glass, resistant to scratching, and has a colorful glow when backlit. LightCast panels are double-sided, created as a single piece without laminations, and available in several different colors. M.B. Wellington Input No. 226 at www.bdcnetwork.com/rapidresponse

Wood Tile Brings Nature Inside

Tiles made entirely of mesquite wood harvested in Texas bring a little bit of nature indoors. The organic tiles are made of a dense wood that has minimum warpage and absorption, and they're available in three colors: a natural finish with no UV protection that will turn reddish over time, a natural finish with UV protection that will remain a distinct brown color, and a walnut stain that gives the wood a deep chocolate brown color. Ann Sacks Input No. 220 at www.bdcnetwork.com/rapidresponse

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