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December 01, 2005 |

Cold Storage With More Efficiency


Rite Hite Doors, a manufacturer of industrial and cold storage doors, has introduced a bi-folding cooler/freezer door that it claims has the industry's most energy-efficient sealing system. The Barrier Fold door uses the company's patent-pending thermal air-sealing system that not only creates a tight, conforming seal at the top of the door frame, but also sends continuous warm air evenly across the door and surrounding floor surfaces to prevent frost.

Rite Hite Doors

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Green Fabric Shuts Out the Sun's Rays

Greenscreen Eco is a PVC-free line of solar shading fabrics designed for internal and external roller shades and sun control systems. The fabric is made of pre-stretched polyester which imparts a woven, soft texture and allows the fabric to maintain stability over large areas. It's available in 3% openness and in four colors: linen, pearl linen, pewter, and charcoal bronze. The fabric can also be matched to any color specification with the customized dual-coloring option, where each side of the fabric takes a different color for greater level of heat control and maximum glare reduction.

Hunter Douglas Contract

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An Extra-Sensory Automatic Faucet

The Aerada 1200 Series CS faucet from Bradley uses capacitive sensing technology to instinctively detects a user's presence from any angle of approach. The capacitive sensing technology creates a detection zone that surrounds the entire spout, rather than a sensor window commonly used with infrared-controlled faucets. The omni-directional detection zone ensures activation the first time and every time.

Bradley Corp.

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Quieter, Sustainable Laminate Flooring

Sonic Floor by Kronopol is a new laminate flooring with sound deadening properties. The long, 54-inch planks are made with FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) wood and have an integral felt and rubber underpad designed to avoid compression and withstand moisture. The company says that the flooring was field-tested on concrete using ASTM methods and was found to significantly diminish impact noise.


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The Only Shower Valve You'll Ever Need

Delta Faucet's Multichoice Universal shower valve allows you to easily change shower function, style, and appearance without altering the plumbing behind the wall. The valve can be installed with one of three different cartridges: a single-function cartridge that controls only temperature, a dual-function pressure-balanced valve cartridge that allows users to control temperature and volume independently, and a dual-function thermostatic cartridge that monitors and measures the water temperature and adjusts the mix to keep it consistent with pre-set temperatures. It also allows the user to control temperature and volume independently.


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A More Alert Humidity Meter

Extech Instruments's 445815 Humidity Alert Meter detects high humidity, which can create a breeding ground for mold, and low humidity, which can create static electricity. The 445815 also calculates and displays the dew point, and features an alarm that will warn users, both audibly and visually, when adverse conditions occur. The unit is ideal for monitoring environmental conditions in labs, storage areas, manufacturing assembly areas, and other controlled environments.

Extech Instruments

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Easy-Install Alarms for Open Areas

System Sensor single-ended, reflected-type Beam Smoke Detectors protect open areas with high ceilings. They feature a four-wire design and are easier to install than dual-ended projected beam detectors because alignment is accomplished via an optical sight and a built-in signal strength meter.


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An Efficient Toilet With the Same Lever

American Standard's FloWise toilets reduce water usage by 20% using a standard lever and one-flush performance while still only using 1.28 gallons per flush, which qualifies it as a high-efficiency toilet. Its normal gravity design allows more water into the bowl, unlike dual-flush or pressure-assisted high-efficiency toilets.

American Standard

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Downlights for High Places

Prescolite's new 6- and 8-inch aperture metal-halide fixtures are designed for commercial and institutional environments with high ceilings where lamp access is often difficult. The downlights can be specified with a choice of beam spreads, and a full range of reflector options is offered.


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Sound-Absorbing PVC-Free Flooring

Estrie Products' Stonescape is designed with anti-fatigue, sound-deadening, and absorption properties, which reduce noise generation and actively suppress resonance. Stonescape is PVC free, emits no VOCs, and contains natural compounds.

Estrie Products

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An Instant Antique

Armstrong's Tincraft Circles ceiling tile can now be finished with a paint that makes the tin ceiling tile look antique. The new paint is offered in bronze, pewter, copper, and silver. To achieve the antique look, the 2×2-foot ceiling panels are coated with a white primer and metallic color during the manufacturing process. Because the coating is applied during manufacturing, the finish on the ceiling panel is more affordable and more consistent, according to Armstrong.


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Heavy-Duty ADA Drinking Fountains

Halsey Taylor expanded its line of vandal-resistant, heavy-duty drinking fountains by adding two models that meet adult ADA requirements. The barrier-free units are made from 14-gauge stainless steel and are available in single- and bi-level versions. Units have a chrome-plated bubbler, one-piece drain, and large, self-closing pushbuttons, which are less prone to tampering.

Halsey Taylor

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