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November 01, 2006 |

A flexible sensor faucet

Optima Lino faucets are equipped with the latest sensor-operated, water-saving plumbing technology. Models with the Integral Spout Temperature Mixer, which are intended for hospital rooms, executive restrooms, and other locations where people regularly use the faucets, include a lever that lets users adjust the water temperature. When users press a button on the spout of select models, they tap into user-directed modes, including “continuous run” and “temporary off.” This adjustment can also be converted to a fixed setting. Single-supply faucet models, which are appropriate for public restrooms, deliver water at a pre-set temperature.

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Let the power of light and rain clean dirty walls

Titanium dioxide and photocatalyst coatings and primers feature self-cleaning properties, utilizing the sun's rays to breakdown dirt and rain to wash it away. Nano 2000 coatings and primers are non-toxic and odor-free, and can be spray or brush applied to virtually any building surface, including windows, steel structures, and concrete walls.

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Keep your fabric duct inflated

DuctSox has answered designers' requests by introducing a suspension system that perpetuates the preferred inflated appearance for fabric ductwork, even when HVAC air handlers are idle. The 3x1 Suspension System includes a single-tension cable and framework of lightweight, sculpted aluminum brackets that support 16- to 48-inch-diameter DuctSox systems. Combined, the cable and hangers offer support at three positions, greatly reducing the inflation surge common to fabric duct systems. Besides improved aesthetics, the suspension system offers fast installation—the brackets quickly snap into D-clasps that are factory-sewn onto the DuctSox ducts.

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Ceiling enclosure for wireless access points

Ceiling-mounted enclosure provides a secure, yet accessible housing for wireless access points. The lightweight aluminum enclosure installs in drop ceilings, and is designed for maximum signal coverage and reduced visual impact. The enclosure has a standard textured ceiling with a white finish to blend unobtrusively with most indoor environments. A key lock secures the enclosure from unauthorized access.

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Birds not on a wire… or a roof

Protect property from birds and their droppings with Premium Nixalite bird control strips. Made from 316 stainless steel wires and strips, Nixalite is a physical barrier that prevents birds from landing, roosting, or nesting on any surfaces. The thin wires provide gap-free surface protection inconspicuously but effectively with up to 120 points per foot that keep birds and climbing animals at bay.

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