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October 01, 2006 |

Fabric walls subdivide rooms

Tension fabric manufacturer Transformit’s proprietary system, The Dynamics, includes modular components to create space dividers, temporary walls, privacy bays, conversation nooks, and dressing rooms. These lightweight, tension fabric structures are recommended for hospitality, retail, pop-up store exhibit, and event applications. Frames accept up to three layers of fabric, enabling an unlimited use of custom layering, lighting, and graphic techniques.


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Door is thermal-rated

The AA3900 Thermal Sliding Door delivers styling and thermal efficiency. Developed in conjunction with a team of European designers and engineers, the high-thermal-performance product features a mitered frame and panel design that is marked by clean sightlines and contemporary styling. The AA3900 Thermal Sliding Door uses an Isoweb polyamide thermal break that provides low thermal transmittance and high condensation resistance while eliminating dry shrinkage. This design feature allows for a two-color finish option not possible with traditional thermal barriers.


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The open plenum solution

As open plenum spaces continue to grow in use, so do the noise problems often associated with them. To enhance acoustics in these situations without sacrificing design flexibility, Armstrong has introduced Formations acoustic “clouds.”

The cloud system consists of 2x2-foot ceiling panels and a kit containing a pre-cut, ready to assemble suspension system and perimeter trim for the suspended cloud. The clouds are available in squares and rectangles in two-foot increments, from 6x6 to 14x14. Trim profiles are available in two-, four-, and six-inch heights.

The clouds provide more sound absorption than a continuous ceiling of the same area because sound is absorbed on both their front and back surfaces. The more lively the space, the greater the effect on reverberation time from the addition of clouds.

Armstrong Ceilings

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Downlights fit any space

Recessed lights for commercial buildings come in a wide range of customization, photometric, and product capabilities. The Elate line includes both open and lensed downlights, wall washers, louvered downlights, internally adjustable lights, pull-down adjustable lights, and surface cylinders. Lights use reflectors that produce low brightness and high energy efficiency. Vented die-cut socket caps operate lamps at the optimal temperature, yielding a 10% increase in lumen output over non-vented designs.

Juno Lighting

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Dress up old furniture

Simple workplace enhancements such as file coverings eliminate the need to purchase new filing cabinets or have them repainted. With thin magnetic backing, the coverings can be easily applied to any metal surface. Facements’ file and workstation coverings are available in a number of surfaces, including fabric, veneer, printed vinyls, and dry erase markerboard.


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Simple concrete crack repair

Concrete crack repair using methods such as tile drain systems is labor and time intensive. But for poured-wall foundation buildings, repairs using low-pressure crack injection are faster, allowing a single applicator to complete 5-8 jobs a day. Emecole epoxy surface seal paste is applied with a gun and cures in minutes. A liquid polyurethane or epoxy is then pumped in through injection ports, sealing the inside of the crack.


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The secure door

Aluminum-clad, outswinging commercial doors include four four-inch ball bearing hinges per panel for added durability and stability. The doors meet ADA codes with a ½-inch sloped sill, a 7½-inch top rail, and a 10- or 12-inch bottom rail.

Weather Shield

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